At the moment, life might be taking you through its lowest season and you feel like knocking your head severally against something hard (probably a concrete wall). Or you just feel like letting out a yell, loud enough to awaken a few ancestors from their graves within your vicinity. Just a minute; before you knock your head against that wall, or let out that deafening scream, this is for you. Here are the best ten facts about life that will make you go easy on yourself and remain focused.


It would appear that, as the Jubilee top brass run their voices hoarse taunting NASA principals, in political rallies, on their inability to settle on one of them as a presidential "Flaka pearer," as Weta would say, the Jubilee house is itself on fire. Their unsolicited advice to NASA is a diversionary tactic from their own sticky issues. The JP nominations are an ominous disaster waiting to happen and a massive fallout is most likely going to break the giant party's back.

Why I am Loving the President’s Political Advisors Lately

“You must come out as a tough and no-nonsense president! To begin with ‘nyorosha Joho kabisa!’ Just make use of all state agencies led by your tribesmen to probe the authenticity of his credentials. As a strong and decisive president, don’t waste time sparring with village governors like Nanok, call him ‘shetani, ghasia ashindwe’ and move on! They must have also told him that, “When you go to places like Kisii, remember these idiots never voted for you. Don’t hesitate to remind them that, ‘hamkutupigia kura but due to my benevolent nature, I have made two of your kinsmen big people in government. One is a full CS and the other a whole chief justice!”


First mistake; he has been Missing In Action for far too long, that even if he defects from ODM, he will be hardly missed. The party moved on during his long absence as party SG. In fact nobody will notice that he left! Second mistake. To add insult to injury, he decided to arrogantly answer through his wife, who insulted the party members when they questioned his prolonged absence from party affairs; An extremely wrong move!

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