Are “Independent” Candidates Really Independent?

Let's not cheat each other. There's no love lost between independents and the presidential candidates that they purport to support. independents don't give a damn whether the presidential candidates win or not. All they care about is their political survival through all means possible. They only talk of supporting Raila or Uhuru because they don't want to look like they are antagonising the two presidential front-runners in their perceived strongholds. That will be political suicide.


Apparently, Jubilee banked on two wishes: That NASA disintegrates through their supposed weak link - Kalonzo or Raila fails to become its flagbearer. Forget about Jubilee's reverse psychology antics that they really wanted to face Raila because he is beatable. Raila has beaten them before and they know how hard he hits. And it turns out that they badly underestimated Kalonzo.

Why I am Loving the President’s Political Advisors Lately

“You must come out as a tough and no-nonsense president! To begin with ‘nyorosha Joho kabisa!’ Just make use of all state agencies led by your tribesmen to probe the authenticity of his credentials. As a strong and decisive president, don’t waste time sparring with village governors like Nanok, call him ‘shetani, ghasia ashindwe’ and move on! They must have also told him that, “When you go to places like Kisii, remember these idiots never voted for you. Don’t hesitate to remind them that, ‘hamkutupigia kura but due to my benevolent nature, I have made two of your kinsmen big people in government. One is a full CS and the other a whole chief justice!”


Finally, The security Amendment Bill which was passed by a chaotic, finger-biting and terribly acrimonious Baraza in parliament on 18th December, was signed into law by the president barely 24 hours later. However, the speed with which this piece of legislation was passed into law is so suspicious! The urgency couldn't have only been due... Continue Reading →

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