Uhuru Must Stop Launching Matiang’i Each Time He Goes to Gusiiland

The archaic notion that dishing of top posts to individuals from various Kenyan communities benefits their entire communities is too outdated to sell in 2017. Uhuru cannot be allowed to launch rightfully qualified individuals employed in his gov't whenever he goes to Kisii but launches multi-billion projects whenever he goes to Central Kenya or Rift valley.


We either choose to clean the mess in our electoral systems once and for all, if we are to avoid a bungled election in future, or make botched elections the norm rather than the exception. we must make stealing of an election a very expensive, draining, distressing, mind-boggling and horrifying affair that the mere mention of the phrase "Bungled Election" will make people flinch and want to scatter. We must make it so terrifying that before any IEBC officials even contemplate of botching an election, they will be shaking like leaves in the wind and peeing in their panties.

Why UHURU & RUTO’S Sudden Outbursts Against Judiciary Might Be a Cover For a Bigger Scheme

Here is the catch. In a two-pronged scheme, the president and his deputy are simply setting the stage for a Supreme Court presidential petition ruling after 8/8 elections. Painting the judiciary as pro-opposition now will work to Jubilee's advantage at the time of the ruling, and here is how. 

Matiang’i Needs to Choose His Fights Wisely

Matiang'i has not just outshone his masters but he has also made them look pretty bad and incompetent. In fact, the biggest joke in the streets, in bars, and on social media is; instead of president Uhuru asking Kenyans "Mnataka nifanye nini?" on corruption, he should simply ask Matiang'i and his "small problem" will be sorted out ASAP.

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