As for Waiguru's impeachment; this fiasco has slowly taken the shape of a Tanga Tanga vs the Handshake Team duel; that is how the impeachment attempt became dead on arrival. the matter is no longer on Waiguru's hands, but in the safe hands of the big boys at the top. Politics being a game of optics and perceptions, the bigger picture always matters.  A good example is the recent impeachment against POTUS Donald Trump - perhaps the sickest president on earth today. It is not that the senators from the Grand old Party don't know that their president is sick. But, the moment this looked like a Democrats Vs Republicans duel, the Republican senators (who have a majority in the senate) had to save Trump for the sake of the party's image. This is the same way governor Waiguru will be saved at the Kenyan Senate; not because they love her, but for the sake of the Handshake Team's image. Can you imagine a situation where the Tanga Tanga brigade claims victory in the event that Governor Waiguru is impeached? What does that politically portend for the Handshake Team in Central Kenya, as we head to 2022? Doom!

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