The Machiavellian brand of politics practised in most African countries and many other regions globally demand that the king moves with speed to completely vanquish or at least permanently checkmate the kingmaker immediately after taking over office. Jomo played this card on Jaramogi, Moi owned it and unleashed it at will, while Kibaki perfected it on Raila (his kingmaker) when he rubbished the 2002 pre-election MOU, which saw him kick Odinga and company out of government.


The uneasy calm that has engulfed the country feels more ominous than a nation whose people are loudly quarrelling and calling each other names. Rather than sweep such deep-seated disquiet under the carpet and tell people to "move on," as if all is well, wise people would rather address the matter of a bungled election (read a stolen election) conclusively. Otherwise, the disquiet that we are experiencing now might make the country to dangerously implode at some point in the near future.


One would expect the president and his men to relax and take their time to plan how they can get just a little more votes to top up their already full vote basket! Surely, is the president fearing that the over 8 million Kenyan adults, who purportedly gave him an unassailable lead of about 1.5 million over Raila, will change their mind overnight and vote otherwise?

Why UHURU & RUTO’S Sudden Outbursts Against Judiciary Might Be a Cover For a Bigger Scheme

Here is the catch. In a two-pronged scheme, the president and his deputy are simply setting the stage for a Supreme Court presidential petition ruling after 8/8 elections. Painting the judiciary as pro-opposition now will work to Jubilee's advantage at the time of the ruling, and here is how. 

Are “Independent” Candidates Really Independent?

Let's not cheat each other. There's no love lost between independents and the presidential candidates that they purport to support. independents don't give a damn whether the presidential candidates win or not. All they care about is their political survival through all means possible. They only talk of supporting Raila or Uhuru because they don't want to look like they are antagonising the two presidential front-runners in their perceived strongholds. That will be political suicide.

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