It's sad that, in this country, big money thieves are adored and revered to an extent that they're considered heroes in their backyards, instead of being shunned and treated as pariahs. Those who have been mentioned in mega scandals, involving millions or billions of taxpayers money, are even more feared and respected here. We even defend them as "mwizi wetu!" In countries like China, they are hanged or shot in a public arena, while in Japan they commit suicide due to the immense shame that will hang over their families, like an ominous cloud, for generations.

Obama’s main link to Kenya is a deadbeat father; the Man owes Kenyans Nothing

When will Kenyans wake to the reality that there is no messianic figure, who will come from outside, to change the status quo in this country? After every five years, we wake up at dawn to elect known thieves, drug barons and incorrigibly corrupt individuals to high office, just because they come from our tribes, then we expect people from outside the country to help us! How?


Under Jubilee's watch, we have seen a salonist register 20 companies at once, get awarded tenders to supply ordinary air to the gov't, and then go ahead to withdraw over 100 million from a bank, using sacks, within hours! This are things that we see in blockbuster movies, but they actually happen here in Kenya.

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