Why UHURU & RUTO’S Sudden Outbursts Against Judiciary Might Be a Cover For a Bigger Scheme

Here is the catch. In a two-pronged scheme, the president and his deputy are simply setting the stage for a Supreme Court presidential petition ruling after 8/8 elections. Painting the judiciary as pro-opposition now will work to Jubilee's advantage at the time of the ruling, and here is how. 

What General Nkaissery’s Sudden Demise Portends for NASA and Jubilee.

Meanwhile, let nobody even imagine of milking political capital from Nkaissery's sudden death. Since Uhuru Kenyatta has been telling the Kisii people that one of the greatest things he has done for them during his tenure is appointing Dr Fred matiang'i as a CS, I hope this latest temporary appointment is not a "favour" that the president expects the Gusii people to return in kind on 8/8. It would also be immoral to use the death of the CS to seek sympathy votes from the Maa community. 

Jubilee Government Spending Millions to Woo Kenyan Social Media Users

    It should not be lost on us that, just recently, Jubilee Party is believed to have hired a top data mining company - Cambridge Analytica. This particular company is rumoured to have played a major role in the UK Brexit referendum and Trump's win in the recent USA Presidential elections. JUBILEE hopes to use... Continue Reading →


These political greenhorns were the loudest in castigating the likes of Richard Momoima Onyonka, Charles Nyachae, Maangi, Obure and company for partaking the fruits of Eurobond, while going to bed with Jubilee in Sugoi and statehouse. They literally breathed fire, shouting their voices hoarse from the rooftops of Facebook and Twitter on why it was so wrong for Gusii tumbocrats (Obure and company) to receive Eurobond money in exchange of auctioning omogusii to Jubilee!

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