JERUSALEMA: South African Master KG & Nomcebo’s Hit Song That Has Become a Global Anthem.

In just 10 short months, since its video premiered on YouTube, the song has garnered over 177 million views and shows no signs of flattening its popularity curve anytime soon. Not even the Covid-19 pandemic can stop it. Some of the places where the song is ruling the airwaves, as people happily perform the #JerusalemaDanceChallenge, are in the most hallowed settings such as seminaries, monasteries, churches, schools, army barracks, parliaments, and hospitals!


It doesn’t matter what side of the political divide she belongs to. The dehumanizing beating that this lady got in the hands of four policemen, who are ironically supposed to safeguard the rule of law, is simply despicable. Period. Anybody citing the lady’s political affiliation to justify her unwarranted brutalization is a worse misogynist than those four criminals who beat her up.


For about two minutes, shake the hand of your victim, the way strong winds shake a hapless leaf on a windy day; of course, while smiling and uttering a few niceties in an intimidating voice: "Sema ndugu yangu."..."How are you my brother?" ..."You good?" Go on until they unknowingly offer some apologies for their past mistakes.

How $124 Million Cybercrime King, Ray Hushpuppi, Got Himself Busted Through Flamboyant Social Media Posts.

How he managed to put together an intricate cybercrime network, spanning two continents, which stole a cool $41 million (Ksh. 4.1 billion) is stuff for legend.  The amounts of money he is accused of stealing, from the comfort of his lavish home, can make any major bank heist look like child’s play.

Perhaps the mother of all his alleged online scams, which undeniably confirms that Ray played in the big league of online scamming,  is the one in which he is accused of conspiring to steal $124 million (Ksh.12.4 billion) from an unnamed English premier League soccer club. It is yet to be confirmed whether the scam was successful or not.

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