Obama’s main link to Kenya is a deadbeat father; the Man owes Kenyans Nothing

When will Kenyans wake to the reality that there is no messianic figure, who will come from outside, to change the status quo in this country? After every five years, we wake up at dawn to elect known thieves, drug barons and incorrigibly corrupt individuals to high office, just because they come from our tribes, then we expect people from outside the country to help us! How?


I rushed back to the hospital and sat by her bedside. As I nervously held the feeble poor little thing in my hands, too many thoughts raced through my mind. Tears stung my eyes, but I fought them back. Where I come from, men don't cry in public since It's considered a sign of weakness - a taboo. At least, that's what we grew up knowing.


Nairobi, let alone City Hall isn't big enough to accommodate those two phenomenally huge egos. The experiment with Igathe confirmed to us that Sonko will always run the show regardless of who his deputy is. Miguna is known to have no breaks when it comes to speaking his mind. He spares nobody. It doesn't matter whether the person on the receiving end is his boss or junior. He cares less about the feelings or consequences that his views might trigger.

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