Why I am Loving the President’s Political Advisors Lately

“You must come out as a tough and no-nonsense president! To begin with ‘nyorosha Joho kabisa!’ Just make use of all state agencies led by your tribesmen to probe the authenticity of his credentials. As a strong and decisive president, don’t waste time sparring with village governors like Nanok, call him ‘shetani, ghasia ashindwe’ and move on! They must have also told him that, “When you go to places like Kisii, remember these idiots never voted for you. Don’t hesitate to remind them that, ‘hamkutupigia kura but due to my benevolent nature, I have made two of your kinsmen big people in government. One is a full CS and the other a whole chief justice!”


If we were serious about cancelling exams because of cheating, then the entire last year's KCSE exams should have been cancelled ASAP. Punishing a few among many thieves is not a solution. What we are teaching those who stole the exams and got away with it is that, it is ok to steal so long as you don't get caught! That the end justifies corrupt means!


Renowned Jommo Kenyatta era politician, J.M. Kariuki summed up the situation in the 70s when he once said that, Kenya had become a country of 10 millionaires and 10 million paupers! Over three decades later in the era of Kenyatta junior, what might have changed is the fact that the millionaires have become billionaires and a few more millionaires have been created, while the paupers have tripled. The current gap between the poor and the rich is absolutely immoral.

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