During the time when the so called Jubilee "dynamic duo" wore matching shirts, trousers, ties - and God knows what else was matching under those shirts and trousers; Ruto was a co-president in every respect, except by name. Now, their bromance is clearly over and the once tight Uhuru ruto relationship is unmistakably in tatters. Theirs was akin to a man trying to share a woman with his boss. You know how such situationships usually end up. That was Ruto's POLITICAL SUICIDE MISTAKE #1.


It would appear that, as the Jubilee top brass run their voices hoarse taunting NASA principals, in political rallies, on their inability to settle on one of them as a presidential "Flaka pearer," as Weta would say, the Jubilee house is itself on fire. Their unsolicited advice to NASA is a diversionary tactic from their own sticky issues. The JP nominations are an ominous disaster waiting to happen and a massive fallout is most likely going to break the giant party's back.


Let's relocate this one last and important 21 gun salute ceremony to Uhuru park and invite the public too. This time round, let's pick 21 of the biggest beneficiaries of grand corruption scams like NYS, EUROBOND, MAFYA HOUSE together with a few top drug and poaching barons.


Under Jubilee's watch, we have seen a salonist register 20 companies at once, get awarded tenders to supply ordinary air to the gov't, and then go ahead to withdraw over 100 million from a bank, using sacks, within hours! This are things that we see in blockbuster movies, but they actually happen here in Kenya.

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