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Gilbert Kenya is a graduate of Political Science and Communications (Double Major) from The University of Nairobi. He is a passionate website content developer, SEO writer, copywriter, and copy editor.

An avid reader and prolific writer, on various topical issues, Gilbert is convinced that writing is his raison d’etre. We are all here for a reason, aren’t we?
The scribe also considers himself a global citizen, who strongly believes in human justice and dignity for all.

A certified aficionado of both local and global politics, alongside diverse literary genres, this writer believes that there is always enough to go around for all of us – but only if we become deliberate about it.

As the good old book of wisdom – the Bible – quips; what will it profit you to gain the entire world, but lose your soul in the process?
All the things we do, good or bad, have a strange way of going around and finding their way back to us.

Kenya’s favourite maxim is: “LIVE AND LET LIVE.” While at it, LAUGH and LOVE, even more; you are not here forever!

When not immersed in writing, Gilbert enjoys spending time in the company of his lovely wife, Betty, and their two beautiful children, Ray and Ivy, in the great “City in the Sun” – Nairobi, Kenya.


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