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The writer is a content developer/copywriter/copy editor/ SEO writer,  and above all, a writer on various topical issues. He is also, a global citizen who firmly believes in human justice and dignity. A Certified Aficionado for Local & Global Politics, alongside diverse genres of literature, Gilbert Kenya (GK) is fully persuaded that there is always enough to go round for all of us, if only we try.

Apart from being a passionate advocate for human rights and justice for all, he is an avid reader and thought leader, who believes that Writing is his raison d’etre. He is also a born again Christian whose favorite maxim is: “LIVE AND LET LIVE. While at it laugh and love more. Remember you are not here forever.!
When not writing, you will find Gilbert Kenya living happily with his lovely wife Betty and their two little angels, Ray and Ivy, in the great City of Nairobi -Kenya.


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