DP William Ruto (in yellow) and Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga (in blue).

Tanga Tanga adherents, led by their chief online insurgent – one Dennis Itumbi, are becoming too embittered in these streets. Reason being;

they feel that the government they helped form is screwing them really hard and dry.

At this rate, they might develop stomach ulcers and slide into depression.

James Orengo warned them a few years back that this government will punish them more than it will punish the opposition.

He also told them that governments have a tendency of developing this uncanny appetite of eating their own children.

Jubilee is now just punishing the Itumbis of this world. It hasn’t even begun munching them one by one, and they’re already wailing louder than West African professional mourners!

It’s laughable that, of all the people, Dennis Itumbi is bitterly complaining that CS’s and Civil Servants are campaigning for their 2017 arch rival ~ Raila Odinga.

Did CS’s and civil servants campaign in 2017? YES. Did Itumbi and his ilk see anything wrong about it? NO. In fact, none other than DP Ruto shouted “wachana na Matiang’i” from the rooftops.

Now, it’s their time to get shafted by the monster they created. They should lie on the bed that they made and receive the cold shaft without these funny, loud noises and empty threats that they are making all over the place.

I believe in the rule of law and fidelity to the constitution. However, I also know that what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

I don’t dispute the fact that Dr Ruto’s supporters have every right to feel that he is the best placed to be the 5th president of Kenya.

I know they daydream a lot about him being the main tenant of the big house on the hill, along Dennis Pritt Road. But, it is high time someone told them the truth. Ruto will not be president in 2022.

Not even by a long shot. The tide against him is overwhelming.

It is not without a good reason that most Kenyans struggle to see anything new that Ruto has to offer Kenya.

Tanga Tanga says:
-Ruto has a track record – though marred by massive corruption scandals.

  • Ruto is young – though a grandfather already
  • Ruto is a hard worker who became a billionaire selling chicken – though all of us know he has invaded and stolen from the public coffers severally.

Ruto has zero reform credentials. In most cases, he has been anti-reforms. He was against the introduction of multiparty democracy in the early 90s, just like he campaigned against the 2010 constitution.

Can anyone tell me just one instance where Ruto is known to have ever sacrificed self for the sake of country? None!

For instance, Raila is known to have fought for multiparty democracy and even went to jail for it.

Raila Odinga was detained without trial, for about 9 years, because of his opposition to the dictatorial KANU regime,

He has clearly stood for constitutional reforms, social justice, equality and equity for most of his political life.

Does anyone know what political ideology Ruto stands for? Not just in words but in deeds. If you know any, enlighten me please.

It is an open secret that Ruto is the most corrupt politician alive in Kenya today. Whether a perception or reality, it will take at least a decade or more years to shake the corruption tag off.

His name has somehow gotten entangled in almost all major corruption scandals that have bedeviled this country in the last two decades.

Look at how fast he amassed wealth during Jubilee’s first term, when he had Uhuru by the balls!

All the ministries that were affiliated to his faction of Jubilee got involved in mega scandals and he was somehow connected to all of them.
Kimwarer and Arror dams are just but a tip of the iceberg.

What do you think such a man can do if he were to be president? He’ll auction the whole country!

Lastly, when a DP wants the presidency so badly the way “Dr” William Ruto does, to an extent that he begins campaigning immediately after his boss begins his second term in office – and makes it a do or die affair; people begin to read a sinister motive behind his zeal.

Why does he want to be presidents that badly, as if his own life depends on it?

As for the hackneyed age factor, though a grandfather already, Ruto might look younger and physically energetic than some of the other presidential candidates, but he seems to have a very old and tired mind.

Only a rusty mind can propose a contraption invented in the 4th century – a wheelbarrow – as a solution to 21st Century problems.

And by the way, how old is Trump, the immediate former USA President? And how old is Joe Biden, the current USA president?
Do you already see why the age argument used against Raila is limping weak?

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