Kenyans have made hilarious jokes and shared funny memes online about the “bottom up” economic model being propagated by DP Ruto’s political wing.

Listening to UDA mandarins struggle to explain what this BOTTOMS UP 🦔 animal looks like can pain your ears.

They yap a lot, even when it is obvious that they know NADA about the economic model they’re trying to sell. To say that their raving and convoluted explanations are laughable might be an understatement. They are absolutely comical.

Were it not that they’re discussing a matter as grave as our economy and the country’s future, I wouldn’t pay much attention to the balderdash they’ve been spewing on national TV lately.

These charlatans have been practically tying themselves up in knots, trying to explain how the “bottom up economy” will be implemented, once Ruto becomes president next year.

Each time they try, they end up sounding like a car stuck in mud, accelerating so loudly (you would think it’s flying) while making zero movement.

Alice Wahome tried the other day and I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. I found myself doing both. I laughed due to the comic relief her mumbled and incoherent explanation offered while I cried for my beloved country.

Kandara MP Alice Wahome explaining what the bottom up economy means on Citizen TV recently.

What did we ever do to deserve such leaders?

So far, each one of them that I have had a chance to listen to on TV has given a different explanation on how this model works.

If it is this difficult for leaders who have proposed the model to explain what it is, I can forgive the so called common folk if they think this “bottoms up” thing is some favorite position for a popular bedroom sport!😉

Suffice to say, Kenya doesn’t need any more fancy-sounding and warped slogans. Nobody eats slogans for lunch.

But, if you must sell a slogan to people, start by grasping its meaning at your fingertips, then make it as simple as Bill Clinton’s “IT’S THE ECONOMY, STUPID”.

What this funny Tanga Tanga “BOTTOMS UP” economic model is proposing, in so many words, has already been taken care of by devolution.

However, you should never forget that William Ruto (the chief BOTTOMS UP proponent) vehemently opposed devolution by campaigning against the 2010 constitution. He failed terribly.

With devolution in place, all we need to do now to get more money to the grassroots level is to strengthen it by allocating more money to counties and sealing,so tightly, all corruption loopholes that keep hemorrhaging public coffers.

Those who form the next government should make stealing public funds a very expensive affair by introducing highly punitive measures against perpetrators; Something you can never hear UDA operatives talking about for obvious reasons.

This way, we shall have more job and business opportunities at the county level, hence more cash 💰 in the pockets of the so called “hustlers” aka “Wanjiku”.

However, we must remind all and sundry that people must work to earn any money. We can never sustain a handout economy.

All the government needs to do is to provide a conducive environment for doing business, by lowering the costs of setting up businesses, lowering taxes and making access to loan facilities much easier.

Let’s not cheat the masses that someone will come with sacks of money and give it to groups of hustlers, suddenly changing their fortunes.

Yet another funny depiction of the bottom up economy by Kenyans online.

This is exactly the false impression some clueless Tanga Tanga politicians have been creating lately. The BOTTOMS UP slogan is a fat, white lie. It’s just another scam.

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