Why Kariri Njama Will Stop The Socialite Party, UDA, Right on its Tracks.

Incoming Kiambaa MP, Kariri Njama.

If the people of Kiambaa are looking for a true leader, not a joy-rider or a socialite, then I am convinced that Kariri Njama is their best bet.

Humble, kind, brilliant, self-driven and focused are just a few adjectives I would use to describe the man. I am not describing him out of hearsay; neither do I hold brief for the Jubilee party.

For those who personally know the man and those of us who have been privileged to sit with him in the political science classes at the University of Nairobi, you know what I am talking about.

The man is an astute and consummate debater. For hours on end, he would engage the dons and his classmates in witty and edifying debates, regarding topical issues informing the politics of the day.

If the people of Kiambaa want a person who can ably articulate issues in parliament, then Kariri is their man. I have no doubt that he can excellently represent the great people of Kiambaa in the August House.

I am told his biggest challenger is a guy from a nondescript party called UDA, whose symbol is a wheelbarrow!

First of all, other than the wheelbarrow- a symbol of poverty- who knows what UDA stands for?

The last time I heard of such a name is when the tabloids used to write about a famous socialite called “Huda” Monroe. Who knows?Maybe, she could be one of UDA’s patrons.

Is it by chance that most of the politicians who have declared political allegiance to UDA, behave like political socialites? If you doubt me, check them out on social media.

The worst part is that almost all of them have one leg in Jubilee, while the other is in UDA.

Other than shamelessly eating from both parties, they also loudly speak from both sides of their mouths without batting an eyelid.

While they would like to gleefully associate with all the success stories of the Jubilee government, they hastily distance themselves from any Jubilee failures!

The sad reality in Kenya is that politicians change political parties – and political allegiance – just like socialites change their panties and partners.

This is mainly a direct consequence of our parties’ lack of ideological convictions.

It is for this reason that our politicians treat political parties as special purpose vehicles, only used to ascend to political offices, after which they are discarded like pieces of filth.

Like socialites (who are just but expensive hoes) can hide their true identities under layer upon layer of makeup and cellulite;
our politicians are also good at acquiring and adorning new outfits , called political parties, to hide their rotten pasts.

Truth be told, UDA brings nothing new to the table other than hungry and dishonest politicians, who draw salaries as Jubilee MP’s, but go to get their weekend allowances from the Hustler Mansion in Karen.

Singing the UDA song all week long, when you are still a Jubilee MP is the zenith of hypocrisy. Don’t expect anything good from such dishonest people.

The Kiambaa by-election has been touted as the real litmus test regarding how the new kid on the block called UDA will perform in future elections, especially in the Central Kenya region.

Kariri Njama with President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House Nairobi.

The political harlotry being openly displayed by UDA must be stopped. And the right man to put a stop to this socialite party called UDA, once and for all, is none other than Hon. Kariri Njama.

May God bless the great people of Kiambaa, as they choose the leader that they deserve on July 15th.

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