DP William Ruto Meets Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni at Mubende State Lodge in Uganda.

Ruto’s Dalliance with Museveni (a man who seized power by the barrel of the gun, before acquiring despotic tendencies) seems to send a not-so-subtle message to the powers that be in Kenya.

What is DP Ruto planning with M7? Don’t tell me he has been holding official bi-lateral talks, with the Ugandan president, to discuss how Kenya and Uganda can jointly launch their first satellite to space.

In short, he can’t hold official bilateral talks without the express blessings of the Kenyan president.

That can only mean that the two men (Ruto and M7) have been discussing personal business in Ruto’s regular visits.

It’s also not lost on many political pundits that the front runners in next year’s presidential elections in Kenya are Raila Odinga and William Ruto.

We all know there is no love lost between Raila and M7. For selfish reasons, it would appear that M7 prefers Ruto, not Raila, as the next Kenyan president.

In statecraft, neighbouring countries such as Kenya and Uganda are expected to share highly classified intelligence reports, especially those touching on regional security.

However, the worst kept secret is that neighbouring countries also plant spies in the ranks and files of each other’s intelligence services. Blame it on sibling rivalry.

Given his military background, M7 is known to be a heavy consumer of intel. He has it together with his breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the snacks in between.

Make no mistake; M7 knows more secrets about the inside dealings of the Kenyan government than most of the top Kenyan politicians, plus you and I combined.

On the flipside, Kenya’s intelligence service is arguably the best in the region. As the head of state and C-in-C, Uhuru regularly gets real-time intel on every move made by all top Kenyan political leaders and government officials, including his DP.

He’s also privy to some top secrets regarding the inside dealings of neighbouring countries. Therefore, I won’t be surprised if Uhuru knows exactly what M7 and Ruto have been discussing in the regular, unofficial visits that Ruto has been making to Uganda.

Having served in government, in most of his adult life, Ruto has also been around power long enough to know that, in this country, it is not the votes garnered by presidential aspirants that count, but those who count the votes.

He fully knows what happened to Raila’s votes in the last three election cycles.

He also knows that IEBC servers have this uncanny tendency of going to sleep, at the most crucial moment, when they are supposed to tally presidential votes and give us a winner.

The servers love to pull the sleepy stunt, especially when the deep state doesn’t like the face of the man who is poised to win the top seat in the country.

As we learnt from SC Paul Muite, during the presidential elections petition at the Maraga Supreme Court back in 2017; the IEBC servers are preferably located in a faraway country, like France.

All folks and their servers go to sleep, in such countries, exactly when we’ve reported to work back here. They insist that the servers have to take a wink if they are to work more efficiently!

When they finally wake up, the servers are rested enough to shock us with unexpected results.

Might Ruto be sending a strong message that he has a backup plan if the monkey business played on Raila’s presidential votes in the past is also played on him come next year?

So the big question again is: what’s Ruto planning with M7?

President Uhuru opens one of the new health facilities in Nairobi. 24 such hospitals being constructed by the Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS).

Those who pay attention to detail must have seen president Uhuru, dressed in the Commander-in-Chief combat gear, while in a recent night inspection of some Nairobi hospitals. It’s important to note that the C-in-C was in the company of Badi, the army general who runs the affairs of the Kenyan capital.

Methinks that Uhuru’s dress code was not a coincidence, especially coming on the night of the same Tuesday that Ruto met the Ugandan president.

In his impromptu night outing, Uhuru was sending a clear message to Ruto and his allies (both internal and external) that he is still the Kenyan C-in-C. He also wanted to make it clear that he not only knows their plans but his government is too ready for them.

President Uhuru greets people as he toured hospitals in Nairobi, on Tuesday night.

For the two erstwhile “bosom buddies”, next year’s general elections are a do or die affair. It will be a battle of gargantuan egos.

For some reason, it seems Uhuru will go to any length to ensure his deputy doesn’t succeed him, while Ruto is too determined to prove his boss wrong. Whatever they did to each other, only God knows.

The silent political mutiny against Uhuru in central Kenya, which is directly engineered by Ruto, is just but the beginning of an epic battle. Funny enough, Ruto is cleverly using Uhuru’s kinsmen to fight and humiliate Uhuru in his own backyard.

DP William Ruto with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.

Folks, buckle up and brace yourselves for fireworks in the Kenyan political arena, as we approach the 2022 general elections.
I have a feeling that we ain’t seen nothing yet.

My crystal ball tells me that Ruto stands a very big chance of winning the 2022 general elections. But, like happened to Raila Odinga before, the deep state will manipulate the votes to deny him any legitimate win.

The powers that be will do everything possible to ensure Ruto doesn’t become president in 2022. If you think the people decide who becomes president in this country, then you must be the most deluded human being on earth today.

Ruto already knows this, hence his overtures in Uganda to try and intimidate the “deep state” by showing that he has alternative moves. What tips might Ruto be getting from veteran M7? Your guess is as good as mine.

If Ruto doesn’t capture the presidency next year, chances are that most of his political allies from Central kenya will swiftly desert him for political survival and greener pastures. The Kikuyu-Kelanjin feud in the Rift valley is also likely to be re-kindled. In other words, the leaders and masses singing the Ruto song in Central Kenya today might turn into his harshest critics two or so years down the line.

We live in interesting times.

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