DP Ruto, Senator Kipchumba Murkomen and president Uhuru share a light moment in a past function, before the fallout in Jubilee.

For the first time in her history, Kenya has a sitting Deputy President, who also doubles up as the defacto opposition leader, against his own government. What an ignominy! It never happens anywhere else in the world, except in Kenya. But, first things first.

If William Ruto was serious about giving us a better alternative to the Jubilee government, in which he still is officially second in command, by now he should have been man enough to resign and distance himself from government. But, still he would have a difficult time convincing people that he did not play a major role in creating the Jubilee mess.
Since he has steadfastly clung to his number two position in the Jubilee government, and continues to enjoy all perks that come with his position, he still remains very much part of the government that he seeks to replace in 2022. What new leadership does he have to offer Kenyans after 2022?

Ruto must choose one thing; either remain fully in government and shoulder all the blame that keeps dogging the Jubilee regime like a bad odour or ship out and lead the opposition from outside government. He can’t have his cake and eat it!
As things are now, a William Ruto presidency will be like an uninterrupted continuation of the Jubilee joke post 2022!
Many people have been asking whether William Samoei Arap Ruto really needs the blessings of his boss to win the 2022 presidential elections; But, this is totally missing the point.The bigger question should be: is the man fit to be president?
Whether he gets blessings from Uhuru, all the birds of the air, all fish of the sea and all trees on land, he still remains unfit to be president.

What is his policy against the corruption cancer that has been ravaging the country, for instance? I can guarantee you that you can never hear him talk against corruption for obvious reasons.He lacks any moral authority to call out corruption for what it is; it made him what he is today.

He could still be singing how Jubilee is the best thing that ever happened to Kenya since creation, were it not that he and his sidekicks got sidelined within govt.
The bitterness of being kicked out of the Jubilee gravy train is so evident in whatever the DP and his lieutenants have been doing and saying in the recent past.
Ruto is obviously not honest in his “hustlers vs dynasties” quest since he has spent most of his productive life supporting, building and defending the very people he calls dynasties.

Raila Odinga and William Ruto in a past function. Ruto worked under Raila in the ODM party during the highly disputed 2007/08 general elections.

The fact that he has loyally worked for the Kenyattas, Mois and Odingas of this world, since 1992, is indisputable! This makes the hustlers vs dynasties narrative just foul hot air…
They weaned him into politics and made him what he’s today. Consequently, he’s not any different from them. He might actually end up becoming worse, having been a political student of each of them.
It is time for Kenyans to pragmatically re-evaluate the colonial project called Kenya and agree that the 44+ communities are all here to stay and each has equal rights to belong.

Ruto supported Uhuru for the presidency in the 2002 general elections. He also supported him in 2013 and defended the Jubilee government with all his being during its first term.

No country in the world became a great nation state, without first embracing its diversity in terms of its different communities.
Hence, it is high time we looked for our next president outside the Kalenjin-Kikuyu axis. We don’t need to think outside the box. We must get rid of the box.
The Kenyan media should also stop this stupid conspiracy of projecting the false impression that Kenyan politics must only revolve around the two communities.

We all know that 58 years since independence, the presidency has only revolved within the Kikuyu-Kalenjin axis. This is definitely not a good thing for a country made up of over 44 communities and we must openly speak about it without the fear of being labelled “tribal” bigots.
If there is a conversation that we need to have, then it must be this. The hustlers vs dynasties narrative can’t make any sense if only two communities keep dominating the leadership of a country more than half a century since independence.

Most of us wouldn’t be bothered about the ethnicity of our presidents were it not that top government jobs seem to be disproportionately distributed among the tribesmen of the top political leaders of the government of the day.

A recent report by the Public Service Commission (PSC) revealed that Kikuyu and Kalenjin communities dominate top jobs in government, including embassies and chief executive positions in parastatals. The report presented to Parliament late last year revealed that Kikuyus and Kalenjins account for 29 percent and 11 percent of the 417 top jobs in government, including directors and principal secretaries respectively.

This lopsided distribution of top government jobs can only be explained by the fact that the president is Kikuyu and his deputy is Kalenjin. In all past governments, since independence, the situation has been the same. Presidents Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel Moi and kibaki filled all top government offices with individuals from their ethnic communities and gave the remaining posts to their political sycophants from other communities.

If the presidency is such powerful that it decides who gets what, when and how, what then will stop other Kenyan communities from aspiring to have one of their own as president? Some would argue that the past Kenyan presidents have been elected democratically, which would be an outright and laughable lie.

It is no secret that ours is a mongrel of democracy that has been constantly manipulated to favour a select few. In 2013 we confirmed that it is possible for a couple of big ethnic communities to conspire and gang together to take over government, then dominate it for eternity.

The Kikuyu and kalenjin communities combined their forces in what political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi proudly called “the tyranny of numbers” to clinch the presidency. In such a scenario, the two communities just needed to vote en masse for the Jubilee party, then get a few pockets of support from other communities to secure the presidency. William Ruto is hell bent to repeat the same scenario come 2022. That is why he has been spending most of his time and energy wooing central Kenya masses, to the chagrin of his boss. He can do anything to have a repeat of the 2013 farce.

Thank God Kenyans are now woke. We need equal opportunities for all Kenyans. Before you tell us about the hustler vs dynasties narrative, tell us about inclusivity of all Kenyan communities. Do we have qualified hustlers from other communities who are capable of leading Kenya today? Oh yes, we do! All they need is a chance and only us the people can give them that chance.

Good day.

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