Ruth Wanjiru Kamande after being crowned as Miss Prisons kenya. Ruth, 24, was recently sentenced to death after she was found guilty of murdering her boyfriend in September 2015.


Most Kenyans are an overly sentimental lot. No wonder entire communities suspend any form of reasoning whenever politicians tell them that “our people are targeted.”

The latest confirmation that most Kenyans use their hearts more than they use their heads to think is the case of one Ruth  Kamande, a murderous beauty queen who stabbed her boyfriend 25 times, in a feat of rage, leaving him dead three years ago. That was murder most foul.

While in remand awaiting judgment, she threw a spanner in the works. She strutted her stuff on the catwalk, flaunting her stunning beauty before Kenyan men – most of whom belong to the “MAFISI SACCO.” Know what i mean?

This did not only win her the Miss Prisons Kenya beauty pageant crown, but it also won her many Kenyan hearts, especially those of men. You can already guess why.

She did not just stop there, she went ahead to sit for her KCSE, while in prison, and scored an A-, besides training as a paralegal. This earned her the tag of a beauty with brains – a rare combination in a city known to host several slay queens with pretty but empty heads.

This won her even more hearts and made her a darling of the equally sentimental Kenyan media. Then, without warning, came the bombshell: a death sentence!

On Thursday last week, while giving her ruling, Justice Jessie Lesiit said Ruth Wanjiku Kamande deliberately stabbed her erstwhile boyfriend Farid Mohammed 25 times.

The Justice warned that “young people should know it is not cool to kill your boyfriend or girlfriend, instead it is cool to walk away from such a relationship when it breaks down”.

Kenyan men (especially members of team Mafisi) are now drooling all over social media, wondering how an “evil” judge could give a stunning beauty like Ruth Kamande a death sentence! How could she have the audacity to send a beauty queen to the hangman at the stroke of a pen? What a waste of such a beauty!

Listen guys, the law is totally blind to physical attributes of any culprit and too much sentimentalism. Whether ugly or angelically beautiful, they all get treated equally before the law. The courts will only analyze facts surrounding the crime in question, in order to establish the motive of the suspect beyond reasonable doubt.

From whichever angle you look at it, stabbing a fellow human being 25 times can never be an accident or an act of blind rage. It’s murder most foul. She ensured that the young man was as dead as a dodo.

Each stab was deadly enough to kill the poor boy child. So, this lady wanted to kill the young man 25 times!

Life is sacred and no human being has the right to end the life of another in such a gory manner as Ruth did. Right there you have a capital offense!

Justice Lesiit’s severely punitive sentence is not necessarily aimed at inflicting the worst pain that there is on the murderous beauty queen.

Reading through her ruling, it’s evident that she wants Ruth’s case to serve as an example to others. She wants her sentence to be a deterrent to any such thoughtless murderers in future.

As much as human beings are animals, whose animalistic instincts of self preservation sometimes get the better of them, there is a reason why the Creator gave humans a Superior brain compared to all other members of the animal kingdom.

The human brain is very capable of controlling any base instincts and making reasonable judgments on the spur of the moment. A human being is able to choose between right and wrong in an instant. There is nothing like being murderous in a feat of rage.

Stabbing a person once might be an accident but 25 times, NO! That’s premeditated murder. Besides, kitchen knives are not kept in the bedroom. She knew exactly what she wanted to do when she went for that knife.

Am I the only one who has noticed that most of the people who have come out strongly in defense of the ex prisons beauty Queen are men? I think the MAFISI SACCO should be disbanded for misleading men.

It’s high time Kenyans stopped using their hearts to think and began using their heads. Our politicians know this weakness very well and always use it to their advantage.

It is for this very reason that, after every five years, we end up electing murderers, thieves and drug barons into high offices in the name of “MTU WETU.”

Kenya will only be ready for takeoff the moment we drop the sentimentalism of “MTU WETU” and choose our leaders on merit. It’s always advisable to engage the brain before we engage the heart.

Meanwhile, let Ruth Kamande serve as a lesson to any young person planning to kill their lover and blame it on blind rage.

Have a fantastic week ahead folks.

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