The new face of NYS catwalk queens, Anne Wambere Wanjiku Ngirita. She confessed to having received about 60 million from NYS, for supplying air. (Photo courtesy of Standard Digital)


There is something about NYS that keeps attracting queens of catwalk who end up carting away “gunias” of cash from the institution.

First, there was Anne “Minji Minji” Waiguru, she of the “catwalk na kizungu mingi” fame, thanks to William Ruto’s apt description and sense of humour.

She bamboozled many with her eloquence in the Queen’s English as she went on and on painting a picture of herself as this pious whistleblower who saved millions of NYS money from marauding hyenas.

Waiguru ended up with a pat on the back, for a job well done. She would later be christened “Minji Minji” before being made the new Kirinyaga governor and deputy chair of the Council of Governors (COG) of Kenya. She’s now a big shot.

Then there was Josephine Kabura, a typical village girl who is an embodiment of the famous Wakanda saying which goes like, “what money can do, no man can do.”

No, this one wasn’t a catwalk queen by any means; though money has since transformed her to a seemingly well-groomed woman, complete with a new and fairer skin colour.

Initially, she lacked the sophistication of being a catwalk Queen. She also couldn’t be accused of “kizungu mingi” since she wasn’t able to sustain a conversation in the language for a minute. But her millions have gradually turned her into a real NYS catwalk Queen.

The former salonist turned NYS millionaire shocked the country with tales of how she carted away over 100 million cash money, in gunny bags, from Family bank.

Kabura couldn’t explain how she managed to register and become the sole director of several shadowy companies which supplied air to NYS and were paid millions in return.
She looked totally out of her depths when she appeared before the PAC in parliament for questioning.

Josephine Kabura was obviously a stooge for a more powerful individual, who used her to mercilessly rob the taxpayer, during the NYS Scandal Season One Scandal.

Needless to say that the powerful individual behind Kabura got away with it and still walks scot free.

Then came Anne Wambere Wanjiku Ngirita. This is the new face of the NYS catwalk queens club in NYS Scandal Season Two.

The lady just walked into the NYS headquarters in Gilgil and came out 60 million shillings richer, after supplying air to the institution!

She didn’t even have to go through the tendering process since that’s not necessary for contractors who supply air.

The lady recently admitted that she has no idea what animal a tender is since she has never seen it before; not even on TV.

This new NYS catwalk queen has attracted a lot of public attention since Monday, after about 20 suspects in the NYS Scandal Season Two were rounded up by the authorities. She is one of the main suspects.

With her expensive white horsehair and a painted face, she stands out of the crowd of 20 NYS suspects who were arraigned in court on Tuesday and Wednesday, in connection with the new NYS Scandal.

The catwalk queen seems to be enjoying every bit of the limelight and the huge attention she is has been getting lately.

While in court, she didn’t seem perturbed at all by the glaring possibility of being jailed for robbing a public institution. Maybe she has been assured by the powerful person she is holding brief for that nothing will happen to her. Afterall, none of the NYS Season One Scandal suspects is serving time in the coolers.

Anytime the cameras have been on her, she has been smiling all through as she delicately pushes her expensive white horsehair away from her eyebrows. She even had the audacity to apply lipstick in court! She must be thinking that they are wasting her precious time in those long court sessions.

If she isn’t fondling and pushing back her hair with her long fingers that end with exquisitely manicured and painted nails, she jerks her head to one side – in one swift movement – to throw the hair off her face; just like those sophisticated ladies in the movies do. This one is a real catwalk queen, I tell you!

Coincidentally, just like Josephine Kabura, hers is a “rags to riches” story. Her family lived in squalor until NYS happened.

I guess she feels like a celebrity with all the limelight she is hogging, even though she will be spending at least a week in the cells before the next hearing. Perhaps, she is consoled by the mere fact that none of the catwalk Queens in NYS Season One was sentenced. This is likely going to end the same way and you know what? She might be right.

Who knows? She might even be the next Nakuru governor! Isn’t Anne Waiguru Kirinyaga governor? Probably, that is how things work in Kenya.

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