Dr Miguna Miguna and Nairobi Governor, Mike Mbuvi Sonko. 
I am bemusedly watching as folks get excited over the possibility of Sonko working with Miguna Miguna as his Deputy Governor in Nairobi County.
Guys, you better snap out of that dream coz it isn’t practically possible even after Miguna Miguna agreeing to take up the offer and the gov’t stopping to treat him as Canadian.
The two are simply incompatible. This duo can only treat us to endless scenes of drama in the Kenyan capital. I guess we’ve had enough of that already. Haven’t we?
Nairobi, let alone City Hall isn’t big enough to accommodate those two phenomenally huge egos. The experiment with Igathe confirmed to us that Sonko will always run the show regardless of who his deputy is.
Miguna is known to have no breaks when it comes to speaking his mind. He spares nobody. It doesn’t matter whether the person on the receiving end of his sharp tongue is his boss or junior. He cares less about the feelings or consequences that his views might trigger.
MM doesn’t have the patience needed in a DG, especially in a tricky county like Nairobi. Neither does he have the humility to eat the humble pie any time Sonko will overrule him, as he’s likely to do quite often.
Put the two dudes together and what you will have is not positive synergy but constant friction and drama. Miguna Miguna is naturally incapable of becoming subservient to Sonko.
How long do you think it will take before Miguna tells Sonko off and reminds him who is more learned and informed between them two?
How long do you think it will take before Sonko constantly begins to remind Miguna who is boss in the capital?
If Sonko + Igathe was a bad experiment, then Sonko + Miguna is a very explosive and terrible one. That’s one hell of a circus that you wouldn’t wish to have in the already badly run Kenyan capital.
Now, stop building those castles in the atmosphere and come back to land. Sonko and Miguna are never gonna happen as a pair which can steer Nairobi to prosperity.
My fellow countrymen. Stop overstretching your wishful thinking and look at things pragmatically for once! This is nothing but a bad political joke that will worsen the already bad situation in Nairobi.

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