Miguna -I am not boarding
Dr Miguna Miguna being forcefully bundled into a Dubai bound plane in March 2018. (Photo courtesy of KDRTV)

The self-styled NRM Kenya general Dr Miguna Miguna is set to jet into the country, yet again on 16th, May, after he was dramatically denied entry and unceremoniously shipped to Dubai two months ago, from where he flew back to Canada.

His inhumane treatment caused an uproar in Kenya and across the globe, especially when information came out that he had been violently injected with tranquillizers before being thrown into a plane.

Nevertheless, as much as the overly cantankerous and ballistic Miguna might have a genuine reason to feel angry and betrayed, of late he’s beginning to sound like a broken record with his relentless online rants, especially against people who might be useful to his quest for a just Kenya. Sometimes one wonders what his real motive is. His sense of self-importance and arrogance is phenomenal.

However, it would be naive of him to think that his past transgressions were automatically forgiven, in one fell swoop, just because he swore Raila in at Uhuru Park! Is the man capable of differentiating between foe and friend? He needs to prove to Kenyans that he can be trusted if he’s to fill the huge void in the Kenyan opposition politics.
A few years back, the man wrote two voluminous books dramatically revealing intimate secrets about his former boss – Raila Odinga. Who can be sure that he will not pull the same stunt on them? That alone makes those who deal with him overly cautious.

So what exactly is Miguna Miguna out to achieve and how is he planning to achieve it? I sometimes doubt whether Miguna Miguna is a real revolutionary at heart. True revolutionaries must always arm themselves with two important tools, other than their bravery: STRATEGY & PATIENCE. MM lacks both.

This is his greatest undoing. It’s the same reason why many people, whose support he recently had, no longer take him seriously.

The man’s finger is always on the trigger and he has this uncanny habit of pulling the damn trigger on anybody who dares have an opinion contrary to his. He ends up attacking strategic friends who could come in handy later.

In revolutionary politics, you need to know when to stop and take a tactical retreat. One needs to be a fox. Just know when to attack and when to hide; when to embrace enemies and when to bare all your claws and canines. Miguna is yet to learn a lot in the rough Kenyan political terrain.


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