The half full, or is it half empty, Ndakaini Dam. The dam supplies water to Kenya’s Capital, Nairobi, where there has been a water shortage even as floods keep ravaging the country.

Welcome to Kenya where after torrential rains and flooding all over the country, only one dam has obstinately refused to overflow with water: NDAKAINI DAM.

Unfortunately, it’s the dam which supplies Nairobi residents with the life-giving liquid. Funny enough, most of the taps in the capital are currently dry at a time when rainwater has been wreaking havoc in and around the city!

the government has appointed a task force to find out why the dam is starved of water, in times of plenty, when other dams are actually bursting their banks and their escaping water sweeping entire villages, leaving unfathomable destruction in its wake!

Case in point, the SOLAI Patel Dam in Subukia, Nakuru County, which burst its walls the other day, sweeping an entire village. I don’t need to say that it was noisy, messy and with casualties. Over 40 people lost their lives so far and several were injured.

The rescue operations have been ongoing even though our disaster preparedness is quite wanting. However, our lacklustre response to predictable disasters is a story for another day. It is simply too pathetic.

Back to NDAKAINI, the aforementioned task force is supposed to report its findings back to government after 2 months. Can you believe that? Sixty days! Aren’t we being taken for a long nasty ride here? Why waste money and time when those who have caused the water deficit in the dam are known.

Was it not recently, after an uproar on social media, that the government conceded to the fact that water meant to flow into the NDAKAINI DAM has been unscrupulously diverted upstream? Why not arrest the perpetrators before we embark on anything else?

Whoever came up with this “brilliant” TASK FORCE idea knows Kenyans very well. Any burning issue that is of National interest in this country, normally, lasts about one to two weeks only in the limelight.

After that, another issue of interest, like Miguna Miguna being denied entry into his motherland, pops up and Kenyans will gleefully switch to it in droves, setting both mainstream and social media ablaze with the new #hashtag.

And just like that, the previous issue is instantly consigned to the archives of history. Nobody gives a hoot about it thereafter. If Kenyans were to be wild animals, they would be warthogs. Ngiri.

This animal with prominently protruding teeth has the shortest memory that you can ever think of.
If you kick it so hard, it will run away at full speed for one minute, and then suddenly forget that you hit it and come straight back to you as if nothing happened!

Here is the thing. The task force will get into office, earn all attendant allowances including sitting, standing, farting and talking allowances but nothing tangible will be forthcoming from it. You can take that to the bank.

If, at the end of the two months, the task force comes up with some semblance of a report; nobody will be interested.
So much water will have passed under the bridge or is it under NDAKAINI Dam?
Kenyans will have done what they do best – moved on. Good day fellow warthogs.

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