Miguna Miguna at a hospital in Dubai, after being forcibly drugged and shipped to the UAE.
Welcome to Kenya where a dead rhino, named after a troubled neighbouring country, is given a kingly sendoff after being emotionally eulogised by the high and mighty.
At about the same time a Kenyan (born and bred here) is denied his citizenship, forcibly injected with tranquillizers – as you would do to a rogue elephant – and roughly shipped to the Middle East like dead cargo!
So, at what point did animals become such important than human beings in this country?
Before wildlife conservationists land on my neck, let me drop a disclaimer here. I love animals to bits, and my heart was really heavy when Sudan, the only surviving male white rhino on planet earth, breathed “his” last.
But come to think of it; don’t we also have one male Miguna Miguna? The guy whom Jeff Koinange once described as the man with the same name twice! This is the man who swore Raila in at Uhuru part on January 30th, 2018. The only man who listens to none other than himself, and sometimes even refuses to listen to his own voice! A man who has clearly sent jitters down the spine of the powers that be!
We are talking about the only Kenyan who refused to take an all-paid-for flight to Dubai even after being escorted like a king (read manhandled), by about 40 policemen.
Instead of “checking in,” on Facebook, and taking a selfie at the modern Airbus’ door, then posting the pic on Facebook or Instagram, like a typical Kenyan would, the man thunderously banged the plane’s door and shouted with finality, “NOO! I SAID I AM NOT BOOOARDIIING!”
This must have scared the hell out of the pilot and the over 400 passengers on board, including Jeff Koinange, whose presence onboard I don’t believe was such a coincidence as they would have you to believe. The plane hastily left JKIA and it hasn’t been seen since then.
Isn’t Miguna Miguna a rare species that must be safeguarded through all means possible, for the sake of future generations? No doubt that the man is quite something.
Now, here we are, dressed in black, still all too sentimental about SUDAN’s demise and wondering how the two widowed white rhinos will survive without him! (By the way, why is it that ladies were the ones mourned Sudan the most?) Yet most of us don’t give a hoot about Miguna Miguna who has not only been denied his birthright of Kenyan citizenship but was also illegally injected with unknown chemicals before he was shipped out of his own motherland!
What if the chemicals they injected into his bloodstream, God forbid, kill him today? Can we mourn him the way we mourned Sudan? I say hypocrisy will be the end of us all Kenyans. We love being overly sentimental over trivialities but never make our voices heard when it matters most!
I might not be the biggest fan of Miguna Miguna’s modus operandi. The guy speaks too much, attacks everyone and everything around him (even those who want to help him), keeps no secrets and lacks political strategy. But nothing can take away his birthright of being a Kenyan. Kindly spare us the legalese.
What worries me most today is the fact that, if they can treat Dr Miguna Miguna like they are doing today, then there is no guarantee that they can’t do it to you tomorrow!
Only a fool can cheer on such blatant abuse of human rights, as we have witnessed in Miguna Miguna’s case.
We are all candidates for such despicable abuse of human dignity. This is enough reason why we must be very worried when we see the state treating any of its citizens in such an inhumane manner. Remember injustice anywhere, is injustice everywhere.


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      1. You want him to surrender to the despots like Mzee Raila…. are you serious ?? I am a member of the NRM and we ain’t giving up on this struggle anytime soon.


      2. Not at all. I am a big fan of MM. I love his “take no prisoners” attitude to bits. However, sometimes I find his modus operandi too confrontational and unnecessarily abrasive.
        The war he has embarked on is huge. It needs strategy and all the bridges that he sometimes burns.
        If possible, putting your enemy closer so that you can defeat them at their own game works miracles.

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