Raila Odinga lifts a Bible presented to him as a birthday gift in Western Kenya. (Photo courtesy of the Star newspaper).
The fact that Kenya’s chief “mortician,”Githu wa Muigai, has moved to court to challenge the constitutionality of the people’s assemblies is enough evidence that the assemblies are sending shivers down the spines of the illegitimate Jubilee government’s leadership. It’s noteworthy that the robotic mortician never makes a move on his own without receiving orders from above.
On the other hand, reports that Sonko plans to deny NASA the permit of using Uhuru Park for the Raila-Kalonzo swearing-in event on January 30th, and instead grant it to the shadowy Nairobi Business Community who are also claiming to have booked the venue, confirms how worried Jubilee is about the imminent oath-taking.
There is no doubt that Raila’s swearing-in might be a game changer in the current Kenyan political dispensation and very few people seem to understand this fact. It’s a pity that some faint-hearted NASA supporters sound like they already lost hope and they are now busy pouring cold water on the swearing-in event slated for 30th this month!
However, all weak-willed advocates of change must be reminded that the oath is the only action that can make any meaningful statement against the systemic electoral fraud and impunity in this country. Change never comes easily or as quickly as we would want it to. It needs relentless people to push for it. If the issue of electoral justice can’t be addressed now, then we can as well forget about any free and fair elections in future. Of course, that will be a sure ticking time bomb whose explosion we are just postponing.
People need to understand that Raila’s swearing-in is not about taking control of the state’s instruments of power. I have heard many NASA watermelons ask, “what is the use of swearing in if you can’t get hold of the instruments of power?” If Raila controls the people while Uhuru has the instruments of power, we can only have an important stalemate.
The stalemate will be akin to a situation where Uhuru has the farming tools while Raila owns the farmland. If any farming has to take place, then an amicable consensus must be reached in one way or another.The ensuing negotiations will then bring us back to the issue that we have been trying really hard to gloss over: addressing electoral fraud in Kenya once and for all.
The Raila-Kalonzo swearing-in will be more about pulling the rug from under the illegitimate Jubilee government’s feet. It will be the epitome of defiance against the illegitimate regime. This is likely to re-energise as well as consolidate NASA’s support base, hence denying Jubilee the mandate and political legitimacy that it really craves in order to govern smoothly. Nothing can please Jubilee more than a tired and disillusioned NASA support base, which is willing to move on anyhow.
A united, resurgent, and reinvigorated NASA is the last thing Jubilee wants to face now. It will be impossible for any government to govern when half of the country is defying it while its traditional support base quickly gets disgruntled due to too many false and unfulfilled promises. Add to these the fact that Jubilee is currently faced with a silent simmering internal supremacy war, which might eventually split it in the middle, and you have a serious governance crisis staring you in the face.
It’s no wonder then that the possibility of a Raila-Kalonzo swearing in shakes the Jubilee government to the core. You can be sure that they will do everything within their powers to ensure that the oath-taking ceremony doesn’t take place on January 30th. This includes, but not limited to, the use of the proscribed Mungiki sect, which is currently masquerading as the Nairobi Business Community.


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