Donald Trump
The thing about this small-fingered toad called Trump is that he’s brutally honest. In Africa, leaders conduct state affairs in a shitty manner and easily get away with it amid rounds of applause from their brainwashed supporters. When Trump calls Haiti and African states “shit-hole” countries, he’s simply stating the truth. What he just lacks is decorum while stating this obvious truth. Hence we’re being dishonest when we strongly come out up in arms against the deranged ol’man in the Whitehouse, just because he has a penchant for stating the plain truth in the most unpalatable way.
If he were to be civil and diplomatic enough, he would refer to Haiti and African states as third world or developing countries. And this is a tag we’ve proudly carried around our necks, like some kind of golden medallion, for far too long. Never mind that our incorrigibly corrupt leaders perennially run to the west, begging bowl in hand, after rapaciously plundering our rich resources! So what dignity is there in being referred to as a third world country and meekly accepting it? What difference is there between a third world country and a shit-hole” country? If I may ask.
For instance, we just had a shitty election in Kenya where leaders unashamedly retained power through unimaginable, savage means. They then told us to move on and most of you, like little bots, marched on and lectured your friends about the importance of peace, if a country is to develop.
The said development is finally here in large doses of countrywide power outages, a messed education system, without even mentioning failed promises of free secondary education and myriad other false promises. In other words, we have never learnt to hold our leaders accountable in order to force them to lead us to the first world, which has been sensationally Christened – by local politicians – as Canaan.
The middle-class citizenry is the biggest culprit in this state of affairs. Folks in this class always want to toil and moil in peace while loudly complaining about the situation in their “third world” countries on social media. This they do very well from the comfort of their upmarket offices or houses whose mortgage they’re yet to clear. But, when the rubber meets the road and real action is needed to bring about necessary political change, most of them never come out to vote or even take part in a simple “white handkerchief” protest against shitty leadership. They neither have the time nor the will to dirty their hands in the trenches!
As a result, we’ve people like Sonko, Waititu and Jaguar holding critical offices where they make very important governance decisions on behalf of the highly learned middle-class! Now that is our biggest tragedy.
Why are we then surprised that Trump called African states “shit-hole” countries? We must agree that nobody treats you like a piece of shit until you allow or give them a good reason to. Don’t give me that tired lecture of “We must stop self-bashing and begin loving ourselves.” There is a huge difference between that and honest introspection or serious self-appraisal. Sweeping our rot under the carpet and playing victim can never take us anywhere.
You can never hear Trump refer to countries like S.Korea, Singapore and the so-called Asian Tigers as “shit-hole” countries. Never in this lifetime. Why? Because, these countries, through sheer determination, pulled themselves from the “shit holes” that they were in before. They secured their seats at the high table of the committee of civilized nations. Don’t we, time and again, pride ourselves to have been economically at par with these Asian Tigers barely four decades back? We elected to remain in our shitholes! Didn’t we?
Therefore, as much as Trump is sometimes overly irrational and delusional, he is sadly right on many things including this one. Most African countries are despicable “shit-hole” states, thanks to our poor, greedy, selfish leadership and a complacent populace. We’ve incompetent leaders clinging to power and plundering their countries’ resources as if there is no tomorrow. The worst part of it is that the electorate foolishly allows them or even cheers them on, especially when they happen to share ethnicity! It’s only through recognizing our folly that we can then begin taking any meaningful action towards changing the bleak situation in Africa. Self-denial can make you your own worst enemy.
The burden of proof that we are no “shit-hole” states squarely lies on our shoulders. That can’t be done through mere shouting and getting mad at the yellow-haired old geezer in the Whitehouse. It can only be done by simply folding up our sleeves and emulating what the Asian Tigers did for their countries to be where they are today. Respect can only be earned. It is never bestowed on anybody without anything to show for it


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  1. Well, of course you are well within your rights to agree with what Trump said, but I live here in the states, in America and I can assure you that Trump has as much right to declare Haiti and countries in Africa as shitholes as he has of declaring that a pig farm doesn’t stink!

    This is a blatant case of the ‘pot calling the kettle black’. America is a shithole and is being led by the very same types of politicians you have described leading African countries, so how then, can this hypocrite go and on about other ‘shithole’ countries when our political leaders are bought and paid for as they go cap in hand to corporations for handouts to better serve corporations over average American citizens?

    Wal-Mart, one of the largest employees in America just announced that it was closing 63 Sam’s Clubs putting thousands of people out of work and all the White House spokesperson could go on and on about is that those workers will receive a bonus that amounts to $190 a piece. What will happen to those workers when their unemployment checks run out? There will be more homeless tent cities forming and America, in case you haven’t yet heard, is already gaining status as a Third World Country because from corner to corner, there is nothing but shithole status and pretty soon, this mess will meet in the middle. From Skidrow in Los Angeles, CA to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Blvd. in Baltimore, MD, there sits homeless tent cities in what is supposed to be the richest country on the planet. The have-nots are steadily gaining in numbers while the haves will soon be only billionaires for there will be no middle class; only poverty class and billionaire class.

    Better think about what you believe is corruption, apathy and complacency and shitholes in African countries and then take a look at this shithole called, America!

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    1. Thank you for your great insight on the current American situation. However, I still believe that the American problems are quite different from those of the third-world countries that Trump gleefully refers to as shit-hole countries. The situation in America can’t be as dire as what we have in Africa since, somehow, your institutions seem to be still working independently. For instance, I don’t think Trump and those in power can overstep their mandate and get away with it by manipulating the justice systems the way it happens in Africa. That is why I tend to agree with Trump to some extent when he calls these states shit-hole countries, even though he has no right to.


      1. “I don’t think Trump and those in power can overstep their mandate and get away with it by manipulating the justice systems the way it happens in Africa.”

        Are you serious? Have you not read that there are over 2.3 million Black men and women sitting in American ‘for profit prisons’ for having done no more than have a dime bag of weed on them? This is the latest version of ‘slavery’ and those imprisoned Black people are making products for corporations that don’t have to pay them a living wage, or give them a vacation week or sick time. So, the corporations, are in essence, getting slave labor.

        When the economic crash of 2008 occurred, Eric Holder who was head of the Justice Department stated that although Wall Street bankers had engaged in fraud, drug running, money laundering, racketeering and other charges, the bankers were “too important to jail,” and he said this while low level drug offenders were sitting in prison for doing far less. Our tax dollars had to go towards bailing the big banks out of debt and this was done because word was that by doing this, the banks would be able to lend money to average Americans. That never happened. In fact, average Americans lost their homes to the banks, the banks then sold the homes to investors and homelessness became an epidemic because rents skyrocketed.

        You should do some research on what is going on over here before you start making comparisons of how much better you think things are here in America as opposed to in the words of Trump, ‘shit-hole’ countries.


      2. If the situation is as dire in the USA, as you depict, and still millions of Africans are dying to immigrate there, then you can understand why Trump thinks African States are shit hole countries. How can a continent be so blessed with vast natural resources and yet be so poor? I have relatives living in the USA and most of them seem to be doing well as compared to the folks they left behind.
        This has something to do with the superiority of the USD over other currencies I guess, and a reasonable minimum wage. Talking of modern day slavery, you ain’t seen nothing yet till you land in Africa.

        In most African countries, the minimum wage is pathetic. People are underpaid yet they are among the most overtaxed in the world. Unemployment is in an all time high with millions surviving on less than one USD a day!

        I can’t even begin counting the number of innocent people rotting away in jails after being falsely accused on flimsy grounds since the justice system here is too compromised. When you see people from African countries drowning in the high seas, after trying to cross vast waters as illegal immigrants into the west, it’s because they think they’re as good as dead in their shit-hole countries. Their thinking is, they better die trying to escape the biting poverty back home. America might be sinking fast but it’s still way ahead of Africa.


      3. This sh* hole is where people live.
        Lets go beyond that though, The President is not really calling those places sh* holes he is calling those(black) people who lives there pieces of sh*.

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      4. Let’s say the leaders of African countries are a big let down to their own people. They must be the biggest pieces of sh*t in the shit-hole countries that they lead.


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