President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto in a past press conference in the statehouse

The exuberant camaraderie exhibited by the dynamic duo – Uhuruto – in the wake of the 2013 general election was bound to die a natural death immediately after CJ Maraga swore in Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta for a second term.

Never mind whether he won through fair or unfair means.


The Machiavellian brand of politics practised in most African countries and many other regions globally demand that the king moves with speed to completely vanquish or at least permanently checkmate the kingmaker immediately after getting into office.

Jomo played this card on Jaramogi, Moi owned it and unleashed it at will, while Kibaki perfected it on Raila (his kingmaker) when he rubbished the 2002 pre-election MOU, which saw him kick Odinga and company out of government.

The wisdom behind this Machiavellian brand of politics is that the king won’t rule in peace with the kingmaker intact. The king might, quite often, be forced to play to the whims of the kingmaker whom he owes one. And that’s the malady which bedevilled the Uhuruto administration during their first term.

In Uhuruto’s case, Ruto was the kingmaker who falsely imagined that he had an equal standing with the king. But, Uhuru couldn’t tame Ruto in his first term for obvious reasons: he needed him in order to win a second term.

Love him or hate him, one thing you can’t take away from Ruto is that he is a practical and ruthless schemer who minds less about the means so long as the end is achieved. Uhuru needed Ruto to capture a second term by all means necessary. So you can guess who did all the dirty jobs during the highly contested and disputed 2017 elections.

Now that Uhuru has been sworn in for a second term, albeit through questionable means, the son of Jomo has no option but to completely cut Ruto down to size if he’s to build some semblance of a legacy.

Trust me you won’t be seeing Uhuruto in uniform shirts and trousers with matching ties anymore. There will be no more walking hand in hand, while giving each other friendly teenage-like pats on the back, after press conferences.

For starters, the two Jubilee top men’s current priorities are as different and as antagonistic as day and night. This is one of the main reasons why they can’t work as a team. While Ruto’s eyes are firmly set on building a formidable team and amassing resources for his 2022 presidential bid, Uhuru will be keen on building a legacy by trying to right some of the serious missteps taken by his administration in his first term.

Since both plans can’t work simultaneously, one has to die a natural death. Now this will depend on who between the two plays his cards well, but we all know who wields a bigger stick currently.

Already signs are all over that Uhuru is finally baring his fangs and claws. His first action in deconstructing Ruto is to dismantle the influential networks Ruto might have built-in key government institutions in the last five years.

The firing of DPP Keriako Tobiko and chief spy Ndegwa Muhoro was his first major shot at the elaborate impunity network that Ruto has managed to build in government hitherto. More pro-Ruto CS’s will definitely be sent packing once the full cabinet is unveiled.

Let nobody cheat you that Muhoro and Tobiko were not fired. You don’t just wake up one morning and redeploy people whose offices have the security of tenure. Resigning under orders from above is the polite way of firing government officials whose offices have the security of tenure in Kenya. It has happened to former EACC chairmen Mumo Matemu and Phillip Kinisu.

From now on, expect fireworks in paradise as the season of pure Realpolitik is here with us. Uhuru will do all it takes to tame his erstwhile “friend” from now onward.Don’t be surprised if Ruto’s corruption scandals are revived and expedited through the new DPP’s office in the near future. And guess who stands to gain from the Jubilee in-fights. Of course, NASA will be waiting in the wings to go for the kill.

The only way Ruto can survive the TNA wing onslaught in Jubilee is to find a way of working with the opposition and ensuring that Jubilee is always under threat from a resurgent NASA. This way, he will still be a much-needed asset by his internal detractors. So it’s in his interest that NASA remains intact and strong.However, this option has to contend with the fact that a united NASA has the wherewithal to sweep Jubilee out of power before 2022.

His other option is to kick off the gloves and gradually destroy Jubilee from within, then begin re-assembling a new alliance for 2022 before it is too late. However, if he still thinks that he can inherit an intact Jubilee with all its structures and support bases, then he must be the most deluded man in Kenya today. I am sure he is sharp enough to know that he has more enemies within than he has without.

 Again, nobody should cheat you that the Kikuyu nation owes Ruto any votes come 2022. In a democracy where people vote through secret ballot, it’s absolutely impossible to hold an entire community at ransom and force them to vote for any individual against their will.

Furthermore, the gentleman agreement between Uhuru and Ruto is largely seen as a pact between two men, not two communities.The Kikuyus as a community owe Ruto nothing. The man who owes him is one Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta.

Perhaps, what we should all be very worried about now is what William Samoei Arap Ruto has up his sleeve as a guarantee/collateral to manipulate the Kikuyu nation to vote for him in 2022. It must be something as dark as hell. Remember the man we are talking about here is capable of playing really dirty. Meanwhile, get your popcorn ready, the drama just began.

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