Uhuru Must Stop Launching Matiang’i Each Time He Goes to Gusiiland

Fred-Matiangi-and Uhuru
Dr Fred Matiang’i with President Uhuru Kenyatta. The current Education CS and acting Internal Security CS is also a former ICT CS who also had a short stint as acting Lands CS. His many positions in the Jubilee government are a clear indication that he’s the president’s Mr Fixit.
The last time Uhuru was in Gusiiland, he made a big announcement that the main development he has done for the community is making Matiang’i the most powerful CS in his government. He went ahead to list a few other qualified Kisiis who serve in various posts in the current regime. If my memory serves me right, even Nkaissery served in the said powerful docket till recently. How did he benefit the Maa community? Where is he and what can he be remembered for?
The archaic notion that dishing of top posts to individuals from various Kenyan communities benefits their entire communities is too outdated to sell in 2017. Uhuru cannot be allowed to launch rightfully qualified individuals employed in his gov’t whenever he goes to Kisii but launches multi-billion projects whenever he goes to Central Kenya or Rift valley.
Giving Matiang’i a senior position where he is being misused to entrench dictatorship through police brutality doesn’t help the Omogusii and the entire country at all. Matiang’i is obviously overstepping his mandate, as acting CS of Internal Security, by banning NASA’s anti-IEBC demos and allowing police to use brutal force against hapless protesters. This simply takes us a century back and is of no benefit to anybody! All the right-thinking Kenyans, Gusii people included, are not interested in big posts for individuals from their communities but yearn for good governance. Clearly, this is something that can never be offered by the rotten and incompetent Jubilee gov’t.
Uhuru can keep Matiang’i for free and leave the Gusii people alone. The president should completely desist from flaunting the CS as a favour to the Gusii community in his search for votes. Unless he publicly apologizes to our elder CJ Maraga for calling him a ‘mkora’ he must forget about the Gusii votes. He shouldn’t be cheated by the few individuals out to milk handouts from him. He must now be reminded that the only senior government official from Gusiiland who commands unequivocal respect in the community is CJ David Kenani Maraga. The man is an embodiment of truth and justice; tenets that a big majority of Kisiis and Kenyans happen to espouse.

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