Protests along Moi Avenue
NASA supporters demonstrate against IEBC along Moi Avenue Nairobi. The “NO REFORMS NO ELECTIONS” demos have been happening across the country to push for reforms at IEBC.
Some people say that they are tired of the currently heated Kenyan politics. They would rather have another dubious election as soon as possible and move on with their lives. They argue that the country’s economy has suffered a lot after losing billions due to the never-ending political grandstanding. I find this argument rather shallow and shamelessly selfish. Who told these guys that democracy is cheap? Who told them that a bungled election is a walk in the park? Democracy is obviously not for the fainthearted. We must first agree that we are in this together until the end. Nobody is running out of this country soon and patriots are ready to dig in for the long haul. 
We either choose to clean the mess in our electoral systems once and for all, if we are to avoid a bungled election in future, or make botched elections the norm rather than the exception. we must make stealing of an election a very expensive, draining, distressing, mind-boggling and horrifying affair that the mere mention of the phrase “Bungled Election” will make people flinch and want to scatter. We must make it so terrifying that before any IEBC officials even contemplate of botching an election, they will be shaking like leaves in the wind and uncontrollably peeing in their panties.
The culture of sweeping impunity under the carpet must come to an end in this country. We cannot afford to hide behind time constraints and the need to move on while entrenching electoral malpractices and dishonesty in our motherland. That is not the kind of society that we want to bequeath our children and the future generations. Every time we have a very opaque election that ends up getting bungled, people lose lives. How much is a human life worth? 1 billion? 20 billion? 100 billion? Every time clueless leaders find their way to the top in a stolen election, everything that can go wrong in a country is likely to go wrong. Right from a messed economy to blatant and systemic corruptions in government, the country suffers at the mercy of election thieves.
NASA demos in Busia Town
NASA supporters demonstrating along the main street in Busia Town
It is a shame that nobody has been punished for bungling the 8/8 elections up to date. It is a shame that we want the same IEBC team to run the repeat elections. We must all be prepared to make sacrifices in order to build strong and transparent institutions. The time to do that is now. No amount of intimidation from the Jubilee government, through acting Internal Security CS Dr Fred Matiang’i, can stop determined patriots. Amazingly, those who think that botched elections favour them are the ones in a hurry to move on. Move to where? It doesn’t matter how long it takes. All patriotic Kenyans must make bungled elections so expensive and terrifying that next time, people will be forced to think not twice but 100 times before they steal elections.

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