Uhuru Kenyatta addressing a press conference from statehouse immediately after the Supreme Court declared his 2017 election null and void. Meekly standing behind him is his deputy William Ruto. 
The false bravado exuded by the Jubilee brigade is a clear cover for the deep-seated panic that has gripped the president’s camp following the Supreme Court’s annulment of the sham August 8th presidential elections.
If indeed President Uhuru won with such a big margin of about 1.5 million votes, as announced by Chebukati, why is his party running around as if they never campaigned before August 8th? Watching their body language, it depicts a camp that was caught off-guard, or rather pants-down, by the Supreme Court ruling. They obviously never anticipated an annulment of a presidential election in this country and this has suddenly thrown them into a mad frenzy. The president’s men are scampering all over like headless chickens! From their current behaviour, a few questions beg for answers:
1. Why the flurry of activities in JP as statehouse hosts one tribal delegation after another? One would expect the president and his men to relax as they take their time to plan how they can get just a little more votes to top up their already full vote basket! Surely, is the president fearing that the over 8 million Kenyan adults, who purportedly gave him an unassailable lead of about 1.5 million over Raila, will change their mind overnight and vote otherwise?
I was astonished to see political relics from the Moi era like Hon. Ndambuki and several losers in the last election being hosted in Statehouse in the name of drumming up support for Uhuru in Ukambani! Earlier on, we saw old geezers like Noah Wekesa and Fred Gumo leading another hungry delegation from Luyhaland to the big house on the hill. Today, another eating club from Gusiiland is being hosted in Statehouse to have their go at the eating trough. What does this tell you? The president’s camp is in extreme panic mode. Jubilee hit the ground running immediately after the Supreme Court ruling and they are clearly going flat out to boost their numbers in NASA strongholds. That doesn’t depict a camp with the comfortable lead that was announced by IEBC!
2.Why is the president’s camp vehemently opposed to any correctional changes and cleanup in IEBC if indeed irregularities and illegalities were not committed in their favour? Currently, the IEBC stands indicted by the Supreme Court which ruled that the electoral body committed illegalities and irregularities in the bungled 8/8 elections. Forget about the irregularities for now. But illegalities attract criminal charges, which means that at the moment we have criminals sitting pretty at anniversary towers waiting to bungle another election!
3. Why did the IEBC go to unimaginable pains trying to fake several documents during the Supreme Court hearings and why did they brazenly defy the court order to open up their servers for scrutiny? There absolutely could have been no need to forge several documents if the numbers therein were genuine.Similarly, IEBC couldn’t risk losing their case in the presidential petition, by defying a Supreme Court order, if there were no scary skeletons in their servers!
4. In whose favour were the documents forged? Some Jubilee mandarins have been selling a lame argument that all the fake documents originated from NASA strongholds, meaning that NASA tampered with IEBC documents. This is complete hogwash! What is more, JP simpletons, online and elsewhere, have taken up the childish argument and run with it.They are now singing it all over like parrots without taking a breath to question whether such an argument can be tenable.
So let’s say that NASA ran elections in their strongholds while Jubilee ran theirs too! Where was IEBC – the body paid and mandated to secure the elections? What they can’t tell us is that JP couldn’t explain the handsome figures it got from the NASA strongholds and the only way to go was to forge new documents in a dingy room somewhere downtown. That can explain why it actually took IEBC so long to produce documents that were supposedly already in their custody when they were asked to do so by the Supreme Court, only for them to show up with a plethora of fake forms!
5. How many computer-generated leaders do we have in office today? If all the things that came up during the petition hearing happened in the 8/8 elections, then it cannot be that only the presidential votes were manipulated. If indeed there were some polling stations that were not gazetted, then some Jubilee MPs, Women Reps, senators, and governors must have benefited from them too. If an algorithm produced the famous 54% Uhuru win, then nothing would stop the same algorithm from being used to tilt the election results to the favour of some JP gubernatorial aspirants in strategic counties like Nairobi, Machakos, Kajiado, and Meru where the competition was neck to neck. Therefore, it is no surprise that we have about 277 election petitions in court today and trust me a good number of them are poised to sail through.
So where does JP get the guts to propagate the narrative that they have more elected leaders than NASA, to an extent of bragging that they can easily impeach a president Raila when if he gets elected? This coming even when it is clear that the 8/8 elections were a sham is pure arrogance and impunity. Their false bravado is not only aimed at intimidating the opponents but also creating a false impression to the NASA followers that they are in a sinking ship, hence they should join the winning team (JP).
My simple advice to my Jubilee brothers and sisters is; be humble and relax! If you already have all those votes that Uhuru is said to have garnered on 8/8, why the obvious panic? There is absolutely no reason as to why you will be opposed to cleaning up the IEBC. We must agree here and now that stealing is a very expensive affair because one has to go to very painful lengths to justify it. The Supreme Court found out that the IEBC (a JP surrogate) tried to manipulate the elections in Uhuru’s favour. When caught red handed, a thief can’t afford to be so boisterous and arrogant the way JP leaders have been. A thief only begs for mercy while on his knees.
As a matter of fact, I don’t think there are many people who will change their mind and vote differently from how they voted on 8/8 come next month. if Uhuru did not win fair and square, the only hope he has is to force IEBC to conduct another sham election like the one we had on 8/8. That is the only reason why his camp is defending Chiloba and company with all that they got.

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