One would expect the president and his men to relax and take their time to plan how they can get just a little more votes to top up their already full vote basket! Surely, is the president fearing that the over 8 million Kenyan adults, who purportedly gave him an unassailable lead of about 1.5 million over Raila, will change their mind overnight and vote otherwise?


The scale of evasiveness and impunity exhibited by this supposedly independent body, especially when the Supreme Court recently ordered scrutiny of its servers and original electoral documents, is not only numbing but absolutely mind-boggling. What is even more vexing is the fact that IEBC’s impunity seems to emanate from evidently powerful dark forces that have, hitherto, firmly held the electoral body and the entire country hostage. To make things worse, the international community has proved that democracy in third world countries only matters when the Western Powers’ interests are at stake.

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