Moses Kuria on Chris Msandu
In this photo posted on his Facebook page on Monday, July 31st, Moses Kuria points at the Landrover Discovery belonging to Chris Msandu, the slain ICT manager at IEBC, who had gone missing since Friday.  Kuria claimed to have discovered the car parked behind TRM – along Thika Super Highway – and insinuated that Chris was somewhere enjoying the sweetness of a woman hours before he was found dead.
Using Women as pawns in high-profile assassinations is an utterly despicable culture.
As the old adage goes, when you want to kill a ‘dog’, you first give it a bad name. In most assassinations involving prominent men, there is always this despicable, stone-age trick that has remained consistent to date: an innocent or conniving woman will be used as collateral to portray the main victim as a promiscuous individual. This achieves two things.
ONE. It reduces any public sympathy for the victim, especially if he is a family man, hence averting a chaotic public outcry.
TWO. It diverts the media and public attention from the real motive of the murder as it makes the situation look like a tragic love triangle (utterly cheap and lazy thinking from the perpetrators of such inhuman acts). In Kenya, this trend has gone on for a while now.
=>On the night when Mutula Kilonzo Snr died we were told that he was having good times in the company of a popular media siren who is purported to have been his clandestine lover. That story became more sensational than the likely political assassination of one of Kenya’s most brilliant lawyers who was also a shrewd politician.
=> When Jacob Juma was brutally murdered, the media had all the time to treat us to a sensationally convoluted story on how the man fondly referred to as JJ had spent his last day enjoying forbidden fruits with a certain beauty.
=> Now after IEBC’s ICT manager Chris Msandu was recently murdered, for very obvious reasons that have everything to do with next week’s general elections, the media is awash with stories on how he was club-hopping in the company of a gorgeous 21-year-old damsel (Carol Ngumbu) in the wee hours of that fateful night! The naked bodies of the two supposed lovebirds were found lying side by side, in a thicket, somewhere in Kikuyu on Saturday. They both bore marks of strangulation while Chris’ body had several marks suggesting brutal torture before he breathed his last. It is very obvious that the young lady was used as a pawn to hide the real and obvious motive of the murder.
Prior to the discovery of Chris and his companion’s dead bodies, after his disappearance on Friday, controversial Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria’s post on his Facebook page suggested that Msandu was holed up somewhere enjoying the sweetness of a woman. Kuria’s Facebook post carried a photo of Chris’ Landrover Discovery parked behind TRM along Thika Road. Kuria’s post read as follows:
“So this is Chris Musando’s vehicle right now here at Roysambu. The idiot is enjoying the sweet time with a woman. And the story was that he was privy to ‘rigging’ and he cant be found. Verily, Verily I say unto you Raila. You will not burn this country. Not when I am alive.”
The Gatund South MP’s Facebook post is a clear indication that he knew a few things pertaining the whereabouts of IEBC’s missing  ICT guru. In the post, he also blamed the NASA presidential flag bearer Raila Odinga for the disappearance of Chris. The language therein also suggests that the MP harboured some inexplicable hatred towards the missing man. In serious countries, Moses Kuria would be cooling his heels in the cells as a prime suspect in Chris Msandu’s horrific murder, as he helps the police with investigations.
How did Moses Kuria discover the whereabouts of Chris’s car? How did he know that Chris was in the company of a woman? These and many more questions remain unanswered. However, given the closeness of Moses Kuria has to the powers that be, he has since been treated with baby gloves and expecting that the current Jubilee government will take any step against him will be hoping for too much. His Facebook post was obviously meant to achieve the number two reason above as to why women always become pawns in high-profile murders. It is for this very reason that the MP must be arrested.
I think this trick of using women as collateral in gory political assassinations is completely outdated, demeaning, and the worst form of misogyny in this day and age. One wonders when these professional assassins will ever evolve! For God’s sake, we live in 2017 and people can read through such cheap schemes!
Apparently, the women killed in such schemes are most of the time victims of circumstances. The killers don’t consider such ladies as fellow human beings who are definitely daughters, sisters, or even mothers to other people! To them, these ladies are simply baits or pawns used to twist the story. Lest we forget; those who kill by the sword will also one day surely die by the sword. Death is always the ultimate equalizer of humanity.


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