IEBC Chair Wafula Chebukati will be announcing the winner in the presidential elections which will be held August 8th this year.
Where I come from, we grew up knowing that if you go to bed without washing your hands after Supper, a rat is likely to visit you during your sleep and nibble portions of your fingers while blowing some soothing wind at the injuries it inflicts on you.
The logic behind the soothing is to temporarily alleviate your pain or rather postpone it so that it doesn’t wake you up from your deep slumber and spoil the rat’s party. It is the same way the colonialist came with the Bible in one hand and a gun in the other. He then went ahead to teach our forefathers why it was always imperative to turn the other cheek whenever you are unfairly “Kiderorized” (Know what I mean?).
This is how the British settlers ended up making our forefathers squatters on their own ancestral land! As expected, soon the natives would get tired of turning the other cheek as terrible slaps incessantly kept landing on their faces. the colonialist had to be pushed out of our motherland through all means necessary.
What our forefathers never saw coming, though, is the replacement of the white colonialist with our very own and more vicious black colonialists. The black neo-colonialists, made up of a small but filthy rich political elite, would soon devise a more cunning way of pacifying their subjects using tons and tons of false hope. They also taught us that when our tribal political kingpin eats, the entire tribe has eaten albeit just swallowing saliva. That is why you’ve heard condescending statements like, “Nyinyi endeleeni kumeza mate, sisi tunakula nyamafrom top politicians.  
It is no wonder then that, as a country, we have been trying to solve all injustices and integrity issues through prayer rallies. Right from grave matters such as heinous crimes against humanity where perpetrators should be rotting in jail, we pray about everything and move on! We pray about our leaders’ obvious lack of integrity instead of sacking them! We defend our tribal political kingpins with our own lives, especially if they are running the government of the day. Just because they managed to convince us that when they are under political siege, we are also automatically under siege, we defend them even when they plunder our own future under our noses.
The masses thrive on the false hope dished out to them after every election cycle; that the future will be brighter. They have also come to believe that if they pray harder, all the problems inflicted on them by the political class will miraculously disappear. The political class knows this too well and like the rat, they wouldn’t want us to awaken from our deep slumber. So they encourage us to pray more and ride on the false hope that things will somehow change while they continue taking advantage of us and plundering our resources even more. Not that prayer is bad, but it must always be followed by necessary actions in order for things to happen.
It is incumbent upon us – the masses – to deliberately wake up from our deep slumber and catch the rat in its devious act. When told to turn the other cheek, as good Christians, we must carefully scrutinize who is telling us to do so. When told to pray for our national problems, it is our responsibility to ensure that the prayers are coupled up with the necessary constitutional action to push the country toward the right direction. Any government that performs dismally must be heavily punished by the people. And the current Jubilee regime has just done that.
We must learn to force the hand of those in authority to do the right thing by sacking them any time they underperform because we are their bosses. The sooner we rediscover the power of the masses, the faster our country will point towards the right trajectory. 
Next week on “Nane Nane” we all have a date with destiny and we must get it right. Vote wisely, which is the same thing as voting for Raila Amollo Odinga and NASA. Make sure that your vote counts as you become part of history-making. Let’s emphatically vote for a change of the status quo. Only then can we realize any meaningful change in our country.

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