Voting day
Kenyans waiting in long queues to vote in 2013
Let’s just be very honest. Time constraints cannot be used as a viable excuse to flout the law on a process as crucial as electioneering. Assume you are a bird and look at the situation from a Bird’s Eye View. What is more important? The date of voting or the transparency and credibility of the election? It would appear that Chebukati and his team never learnt why the former IEBC had to go!
Both are the date and process protected by the Constitution and must be equally respected. However, in my opinion, we would rather miss the date than compromise the credibility of the entire exercise. It is much safer to miss the date than hurtling into a shambolic election that we might all regret forever.This is not about the NASA and JUBILEE political front runners but about the safety of the 43 million-plus Kenyans. credible elections will guarantee this country the much-needed peace during and after the 8/8 elections.
Apart from raising many eyebrows,  IEBC’s basis of appealing against the high court’s most recent ruling ordering a fresh tendering for the printing of presidential ballot papers is total bull-crap. In my view, they are deliberately wasting more precious time. You need not be a lawyer to see how misguided their argument that fresh tendering will affect the 8/8 election date is! Their fervent determination to have the Dubai based company, Alghurair, print the presidential ballot papers is too suspicious.
The new IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati. The electoral body moved to the Court of Appeal to contest the high court order stopping Alghurair from printing the presidential ballot papers.
They had all the time to do things right but deliberately overlooked what the law says about the tendering process. They cannot turn around now and tell us that they respect the law so much that they fear a constitutional crisis if the 8/8 election date is missed! On the same note, it is too hypocritical for the Jubilee top brass to loudly defend the Constitution only on the August 8th election date while openly and viciously attacking our judiciary! 
Will Kenyans die if the date is missed? NO. Will Kenyans lose lives in the event that we have a flawed election? Chances are really high if history and the political temperatures we are witnessing today are anything to go by.
Kenyans being tear-gassed in the streets of Nairobi while protesting for the removal of the Issack Hassan-led IEBC
It is absolutely ridiculous when  IEBC and Jubilee want us to believe that we might experience Armageddon if elections are not held on 8/8, which makes their zeal even more suspicious. Truth be told, there is still enough time to do things right if IEBC stops cutting corners and does what the law demands. Kenyans fought so hard to have the IEBC reformed but the institution is once again disappointing Kenyans big time! Can’t they get it and do things right even for once?

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