Election violence - 2007
PHOTO COURTESY OF BONIFACE MWANGI.(One of the ugly scenes from the 2007/08 PEV)
Peace is imperative for the survival of any nation, even though ours is far from being called a nation (We are still a group of tribes living in the same geographical demarcation, and struggling to become a nation).
We all need peace in order to achieve the sacred objective of nation-building.
However, I have an issue with amorphous outfits that purport to preach peace only around elections, and you will never hear them utter a single word about free, fair and credible elections!
Lest we forget, credible elections are a prerequisite of peace around the electioneering period. Peace doesn’t necessarily lead to credible elections, but free and transparent elections are a sure bet for peace during and after elections. It is for this reason that IEBC must ensure that they deliver an election that, just like Caesar’s wife, is beyond reproach. There is no doubt that NASA and JUBILEE, the two frontrunners, will face off in a do or die election on August 8th, 2017.
In such high voltage elections, we might be deluding ourselves if we preach peace without calling for free and fair elections by IEBC. Doing so will make us worse than the proverbial ostrich, with its head buried deep in the sand, hoping that by doing so it is well protected from the enemy. 
It is not a bad thing to call for peaceful elections, but if there are any outfits shouting themselves hoarse about peaceful elections without mentioning free, fair and credible elections, then these are simply hypocritical and opportunistic busybodies who should spare us the noise.
Anybody who loves our beautiful country should feel obligated to ensure that we not only have free, fair and credible elections on 8/8, but the elections should also be perceived to be transparent. This is the only way the NASA or JUBILEE supporters can feel that their candidate won or lost fair and square. It is the only way we can avert a repeat of the 2007 scenario or even worse.

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