Jubilee Government Spending Millions to Woo Kenyan Social Media Users


Faceless hackers
Jubilee Has Hired Cambridge Analytica to woo social media users and sway the political tide to their advantage on August 8th.


It should not be lost on us that, just recently, Jubilee Party is believed to have hired a top data mining company – Cambridge Analytica. This particular company is rumoured to have played a major role in the UK Brexit referendum and Trump’s win in the recent USA Presidential elections. JUBILEE hopes to use these social media gurus to beat the ferocious and unapologetic NASA online brigade, which is largely made up of volunteers who are fed up with the system.


This is how Wikipedia describes the company; “Cambridge Analytica is a privately held company that combines data mining and data analysis with strategic communication for the electoral process.”  Since the Jubilee Party, never came out to convincingly refute the claims of having hired this particular company, we can safely conclude that they did. Of course, the kind of money paid to such an international company cannot be pocket change.


The main work of this data mining company is to dig up heaps of online information dating several years back and using it for specific purposes. However, Cambridge Analytica is a different kind of animal. It specialises on psychological online warfare and it is known to hire senior ex-military agents who are specialised in the game. In other words, they are certified online bandits or mercenaries.


Their main brief is to dig up private information on social media users and from other available records, then targeting individuals who seem politically undecided or those who can be easily swayed with strategic messages. They employ trawling and persuasion techniques to influence the thinking of their targets, especially in terms of political support.


The main problem here is that they cannot do this kind of job without infringing on the sacred rights to individual privacy. If the company will be profiling Kenyans according to their political leanings, they will not avoid doing it along tribal lines since our politics is highly tribalized. Due to the fact that it is very easy to tell where a Kenyan comes from by just checking out their second name, such profiling is very dangerous especially if the data ends up in wrong hands and is later used to haunt people who were perceived to be leaning towards a particular political persuasion. It is something akin to ethnic profiling.


The company’s secret agents have the investigative capacity, akin to that of the FBI, which they employ to dig deep into people’s personal lives dating several years back. Such profiling is likely to produce a database full of highly intimate details about individuals, which the owners might have never wanted to disclose to the public in the first place. No travesty against individual privacy can be bigger than this. Worse still, such information can be used to intimidate and manipulate individuals now and in the future! If you have been watching our social media lately, then you should have no doubt that the Cambridge Analytica is already at work.


  • Have you been wondering why we have so many parody social media accounts with only one profile pic? Well, they will be bombarding you with endless friend requests besides monitoring all your posts.



Online hackers 2
Fake social media accounts are used to track online political conversations and influencing opinion. Kenyan Social media users have been getting many friend requests and “follows” from such accounts.



  •  Have you been wondering why there are so many explicitly pornographic pictures or gory and horrifying images on public social media groups that were created for political discourse and leaning towards a specific political persuasion? Well, the porn is to distract “team mafisi” who spend hours drooling over the eye candy, while gory pics scare away the faint-hearted. The end-game? The group no longer looks serious and self-respecting individuals desert it.


  • Have you been wondering why so many different people have been posting exactly the same statement in order to push hashtags on Twitter? Well, you guessed right. It might be one person pushing the same message.




Robert Alai is one of the former opposition bloggers who harshly criticised the Jubilee government. This dramatically changed after his visit to  Statehouse. Since then, a host of other NASA online activists has followed suit.



  • Have you been wondering why seemingly unpopular political posts on social media seem to attract numerous likes from unknown characters, especially in areas perceived to be NASA strongholds with a number of politically undecided individuals? Well, this is aimed at influencing the undecided voters and most of the likes come from fake accounts operated by a few individuals.


Make no mistake, there is not an iota of doubt that social media is really huge in Kenya than any other African country and it is poised to immensely influence the presidential poll outcome in August. Nowadays, many Kenyans are more informed than ever before. Whatever the compromised mainstream media would love to gloss over or spin to favour the powers that be, social media always exposes.


In spite of all these online government hirelings, one thing is for sure. It is very difficult for a paid-up army to defeat an army of devoted volunteers. While one side fights to earn money, the other side is fighting for a justifiable cause; equity and justice for all. Most NASA bloggers and unrelenting online soldiers are never paid by anyone. They just do what they do because they feel obligated to be part of creating a just and fair society. They feel that they have a responsibility to correct the BIG ERROR that Jubilee has become. That is why NASA is strong both online and on the ground. In the air, on land and in the sea, Jubilee is surrounded. It is for this reason that Jubilee will lose terribly by midday on August 8th, 2017.


7 thoughts on “Jubilee Government Spending Millions to Woo Kenyan Social Media Users

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  1. Cambridge Analytica sounds like stuff you only see in movies but with the tech in the World cant doubt their function in this electoral process. Another thing is Jubilee for sure have immense resources and they will win this election either way!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There is no doubt that Jubilee has immense resources to splash in this campaign, but the part about winning the elections remains to be seen. Too many odds against them Kim.


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