Jubilee’s Aden Duale officially Receiving Anthony Kebagendi, who defected from ODM (NASA) to Jubilee Party. Looking on is an unknown fellow tumbocrat.


Strange things have been happening in the Gusii political landscape lately. Perhaps the funniest and most laughable of all recent political developments in Matokeland is the defection of a group of Facebook politicians, who moved from ODM to Jubilee, led by a nondescript political operative called Anthony Kebagendi. They have since been badmouthing the party by whose name they have been swearing up to a few days ago.

These political greenhorns were the loudest in castigating the likes of Richard Momoima Onyonka, Charles Nyachae, Maangi, Obure and company for partaking the fruits of Eurobond, while going to bed with Jubilee in Sugoi and statehouse. They literally breathed fire, shouting their voices hoarse from the rooftops of Facebook and Twitter on why it was so wrong for Gusii tumbocrats (Obure and company) to receive Eurobond money in exchange of auctioning omogusii to Jubilee!

The fact that Richard Onyonka and Maangi have since been forced by a very hostile electorate to go back home to NASA, and their place in Jubilee taken by these young people who were loudest in castigating them, is the latest confirmation that “Saitan” is real. This is indeed a strange twist of fate.

These latest” tombocrats” are starry-eyed political novices who are still wet around the ears and not worth even a mention in a sentence as they don’t have even an iota of political clout in Gusii. This glaring fact notwithstanding, as a certified member of “mwanyagetinge,” I feel obligated to put just a few things straight as I join Ababu Namwamba in busting a few myths. Mine are real and practical myths though.

ONE: The fact that you get 100 likes on your FB posts doesn’t make you a popular leader on the ground. More than half of the voters “huko mashinani” have no idea which animal is called “Facebook!” or “Twitter.” Intoxicated by a few hundreds of likes on FB; the leader of the latest “tumbocrats” to make a switch from NASA to Jubilee swung to his village and wanted to become an MP. When he lost, he loudly cried foul and blamed everybody left, right, and center, except himself!

On discovering that nobody was listening, he decided to perform the unthinkable Ababu Namwamba stunt. He gathered a few disgruntled young people and made a trip to Jubilee, a party that he has spent several years deconstructing. He then claimed that he was moving with all Gusii youth behind him! This is the same Jubilee that he has been telling us will take Kenya to hell! What changed?

Know what that sounds like? You hear rumours that the love of your life has slept with another man two days to your wedding day and what do you do? You pick the village harlot that you have always badly abused and despised, and then walk her down the aisle just to spite the woman that you truly love! How can you convince me that witchcraft is not real?

Party loyalists never behave like that anywhere in the world. Such behaviour only means one thing; you are a bloody self-seeker who pretends to fight for a cause, but in reality, you are only interested in what you gain for yourself!

TWO: If people follow you on Twitter or Facebook, never think that they do so like sheep and you just need to ask them to jump and the only question they will ask you is, “how high?” WRONG! Nowadays, the youth own brains and they utilise it to make their own decisions too. What the Facebook politicians turned bitter losers fail to ask themselves is: If Akina Obure, Maangi, Nyachae and their ilk in the Obomo bwo’ mogusii group, with all their bags of money, have failed to sway the Gusii youth; what miracle are they planning to perform in order to deliver where the moneybags and experience failed?

Remember even Education CS Fred Matiang’i joined the NASA vs JUBILEE fray in Gusiiland but took a low profile when he realised the folly of what he was getting into.


FINALLY:  People never forget anything that looks and smells like political gymnastics and chicanery. Whoever said that voters have a short memory lied. We have seen very promising future politicians flush their rising political stars down the drain because of whimsical moves like the one Kebagendi has made. This Ababu Namwamba Syndrome only exposes leaders who are devoid of convictions and those who lack the spine to right things from within. Such leaders can never be trusted. Remember, trust is the greatest currency in leadership and once you lose it, you can never regain it. It is like losing one’s virginity.

However, this latest development confirms one thing that should make NASA very happy. Jubilee is in panic mode in Matokeland. When I saw the likes of Duale and other top Jubilee mandarins celebrating the defection of this group calling itself Gusii Youth Leaders, I thought of generals in a tough war (The ones with empty guns) celebrating after receiving child soldiers! Is there any value that child soldiers can add to any army!

When you see your enemy camp making such moves, one thing is very clear; they are holding to any nearby straw while sinking. Jubilee is fighting a losing battle in Gusiiland and Kenya in general.


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