Are “Independent” Candidates Really Independent?

Independent candidates
Peter Kenneth, William Kabogo & Buzeki in Kasarani Safaricom Stadium on 20/05/2017. They led Kenya Association of Independent candidates (KAIC), whose members are mainly from Central Kenya and R. Valley, in endorsing President Uhuru for re-election.
It beats logic to say that you are an independent candidate who is not aligned with any political party, and then you go ahead to say that you are supporting a JUBILEE or NASA presidential candidate!

How do you support a presidential candidate without agreeing with his party’s modus operandi, manifesto or ideologies? Tricky Sana.

It is not lost on us that, apart from Miguna Miguna and a few other political aspirants, who were independent right from the start, the rest of the gang in the independent bandwagon went independent in protest against what they termed as shambolic and utterly unfair nominations in their former parties.

Let’s not cheat each other. There’s no love lost between independents and the presidential candidates that they purport to support. independents don’t give a damn whether the presidential candidates win or not.

All they care about is their political survival through all means possible. They only talk of supporting Raila or Uhuru because they don’t want to look like they are antagonising the two presidential front-runners in their perceived strongholds. That is political suicide.

Finally, when the campaign proper begins and the presidential candidates hit the ground in search of votes, there is no doubt that they will be telling people to vote for their party candidates because they need substantial numbers, in both county and national assemblies, for them to smoothly implement their agenda.

This is where the rubber will meet the road and the gloves will definitely be thrown off. Let’s just face it; the duel between the so-called independents and preferred party candidates will be as bare-knuckled as they come. Expect them to go at each other with all they got, as it will be a do or die affair.

This is not only going to really complicate matters for the presidential front-runners but it is likely to significantly change our political landscape. Mark my words. The huge number of “independents” cannot be ignored.

Given that most of them are seasoned politicians who can’t be described as political lightweights, plus the fact that a good number of them are seriously moneyed political ninjas, things are likely to get ugly between parties and independents. It will be interesting to watch how this pans out.

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