I Had promised myself that I would desist from writing any political commentaries on this forum for an unspecified period of time, but some developments are just so dramatic that they can never go unnoticed. They just prod you to say something political 😎.
Maybe each one of us is a political animal of sorts. But doesn’t politics affect every sphere of our lives? Just like the good, old, self-declared prof of politics (MO1) once quipped; “SIASA MBAYA MAISHA MBAYA.” So we all have an obligation of keeping an eye on our politics and possibly ensuring that it’s sanitized.
For instance, how can anybody explain the spectacular about-turn beaten by the president, while in Wajir last weekend? Jubilee party was founded on the basis of killing all small tribal parties and forming one huge monolith that would supposedly unite all Kenyans under one roof. Like a big predator in the jungle, Jubilee mercilessly made a meal out of over ten smaller political parties, to form JP.
JP mandarins then moved swiftly to read the riot act to smaller parties which claimed to support president Uhuru, from without, in his perceived strongholds. They were clearly told that you are either in JP or against us! Jubilee even went ahead to bulldoze a law, through parliament, that stopped party-hopping after nominations; purely aimed at locking any disgruntled members within JP after nominations (rather selfish, if you ask me).
So what changed? What happened to the quest for unity under one umbrella party? Barely five months down the line, the president beat a haste retreat in Wajir, over the weekend, when he said that JP now has no problem with some small “tribal” parties, so long as they support his presidency! If this is not eating humble pie, then tell me what is.
It would appear that, as the Jubilee top brass run their voices hoarse taunting NASA principals, in political rallies, on their inability to settle on one of them as a presidential “Flaka pearer,” as Weta would say, the Jubilee house is itself on fire. Their unsolicited advice to NASA is a diversionary tactic from their own sticky issues. The JP nominations are an ominous disaster waiting to happen and a massive fallout is most likely going to break the giant party’s back.
The Jubilee top brass is realizing too late that killing all those small parties to form a gigantic monolith wasn’t a wise idea after all. In ecology, we learn that the bigger animals that rule the jungle never survive without the smaller animals that occupy the lower feeding levels in the food chains. Nothing can be unforgiving as an imbalanced ecosystem. And the JP owners might painfully know this soon.


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