Uhuru in combat gear
In the last four years, I have lost count of the 21 gun salute ceremonies, in the compound housing the big white mansion on the hill, known as statehouse.
However, what isn’t clear is whether this grandiose show of might, whenever some head of state is touring our breath-taking landscape really amounts to anything beneficial to the common Kenyan citizen.
Our current head of state never seems to miss an opportunity to don his full C-in-C uniform with teenage enthusiasm. I have also lost count of the times he has appeared in public in his ceremonial combat gear.
Whether he is making an impromptu visit to an army camp or presiding over some pass out of new recruits into the armed forces, unlike his predecessors, president Uhuru apparently enjoys looking very tough and powerful in his armed forces uniform.
The same enthusiasm seems to be extended to the numerous 21 gun salute ceremonies which, according to many Kenyans, never seem to add any value to our fledgling economy and the ever worsening cost of living. By the way, how many of you understand the meaning of the 21 gun salute ritual besides the noise and air pollution that accompany it? And why 21 not 40?
To me, 40 is more ideal as it symbolizes the number of days a thief is given on earth. But even this is also too much generosity for a thief! A thief is supposed to be given a maximum of one day to say goodbye to family, if he has any. So I don’t agree with the 40 days too😌. We need to reduce them ASAP.
However, I think there is one last 21 gun salute that can make a lot of sense in the Jubilee regime, which seems to be so obsessed with this very old colonial ritual.
As a matter of fact, the Jubilee regime deserves one last honour of a 21 gun salute for their unmatched prowess in grand corruption, before we send them packing this August.
We must agree that it is not easy to be at the top of the world in the sophisticated game of grand corruption! It’s even harder to convince a sane tribal following that there is no grand corruption in gov’t even when they are actually staring at it in broad daylight! It takes a lot of effort to achieve this.
Let’s relocate this one last and important 21 gun salute ceremony to Uhuru park and invite the public too. This time round, let’s pick 21 of the biggest beneficiaries of grand corruption scams like NYS, EUROBOND, MAFYA HOUSE together with a few top drug and poaching barons.
For each of the 21 powerful shots, let’s put one of these idiots a few meters in front of the cannon and aim the cannon nozzle at the head, then carefully pull the trigger. Repeat this procedure for each of the 21 shots.
By the time the head of the 21st idiot is blown into smithereens, we will all sing goodbye to grand corruption, drug trafficking and poaching in this country. Now, that last 21 gun salute will make a lot of sense to most of us.

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