Despots Must Be Stopped at All Costs

The #Kasese killing of innocent civilians, perpetrated by Ugandan forces, explains why African despots like M7 have embraced the idea of pulling out of ICC. To them, sovereignty of their countries means impunity to kill and maim their own people at will, without any intervention from foreign powers!

A KTN journalist, #JoyDoreenBiira was caught up in the melee and arrested for posting about the killings on social media. She was incidentally visiting in her native kingdom, where the killings happened, over the weekend. Of course media freedom in Uganda is still a dream and journalists are still arrested for doing their work!

It is only in Africa where we still have an ancestor as president, in the name of Robert Mugabe. The man who is about a century old has been president of his country since it gained independence about four decades ago. He has completely run it down! I watched a recent clip of him walking like a zombie floating in air, while on a foreign trip. The man has totally withered out; a total embarrassment to Zimbabwe and Africa!

Uganda also has its own version of Mugabe, in the name of Yoweri Museveni, who has been in power for about three decades. The two African despots have presided over unimaginable atrocities on their own people over the years.

They have violently defied all democratic efforts to get them out of power. However, there is one force they can never defy. A force that makes all human beings equal as the ultimate destination of life. They can’t defy death. The grim reaper will finally catch up with them and free the people.

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