American Elections Postmortem

We live in very interesting times, where we are witnessing the only world superpower, USA, gradually lose its image of invincibility and indomitable stature.
If indeed Russian hackers denied Hillary Rodham Clinton victory, in the just concluded American presidential election, then the new frontier of the supremacy war between Russia and America has officially moved to the cyberspace.
Even after the end of the cold war between the Eastern and Western bloc countries, following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia and the US haven’t been the best of friends. They have been silently embroiled in a never ending supremacy war, with each of them seizing every opportunity to showcase their sophistication in technology, weaponry and military prowess. This is always aimed at showing the world who is on top of the game.
America, a reigning superpower, will now be at pains to explain to the world that Russia literally chose a leader for them. Is there any worse infringement of an independent country’s sovereignty than imposing a leader on her, whether openly or secretly?

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