The noisy Jubilee duo of Aden Duale and Onesmus Kipchumba Murkomen should at least have the decency of clearing their names on the NYS scandal first before running their mouths in public rallies and telling us who should be investigated.

They are behaving like village kids who are caught licking mummy’s sugar, then they start accusing other kids who are not even there, of funny things, in the hope that this will make them look good and be forgiven.

The amount of money lost in the NYS mega-scandal keeps increasing by the day and now stands over 6 billion, yet we have barely scratched the surface!
Gauging from the recent reactions of these two Jubilee mouthpieces, all indications are that they are most likely in the thick of things, in this barbaric rip-off, where money belonging to the youth was systematically siphoned into private pockets, through fictitious bank accounts in 28 banks. The two are visibly rattled.

It is simply idiotic for them to think that by pointing fingers in all directions and demanding that Raila Odinga be investigated; the public will forget about the NYS rip-off, where they are needed to appear before the PAC for interrogation. The fact that Farouk Kibet, DP Ruto’s PA has already admitted that he received 1.5 million from Kabura is quite telling.

Remember Murkomen and Duale are Ruto’s right hand men in jubilee and seem to have represented the defunct URP wing in the NYS scandal, while the former TNA side was well represented by the able Anne Waiguru. We are now getting a clearer picture of the big fish behind the infamous scam.

Now Farouk should tell us how much more he received on behalf of his boss. We shouldn’t believe this crap of borrowing 1.5 from “his good friend” Ben Gethi, to take care of another friend’s medical expenses in India.

Meanwhile, Murkomen and Duale should spare us the rants in public rallies and go clear their names in the appropriate institutions. They have not even an iota of moral authority to point fingers on corruption before they clear their names.

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