Jubilee has perfected the art of passing the buck whenever anything goes wrong in gov’t. But, ladies and gentlemen, the buck must always stop somewhere. The the top. Scandals have been popping up, in the Jubilee gov’t, much faster than Uhuru Kenyatta can say “Ngai!”
It is not a secret anymore.
It is now official that the country is being run by corruption cartels while ceremonial figureheads pretend to be in charge of various important gov’t offices. The real power behind the scenes rests with powerful, well oiled and connected cartels that are mercilessly fleecing this country to death, as those in power watch or abet the sleaze.

One gets the feeling that each ministry in Jubilee is now a just mega-scandal waiting to be unearthed! The multi-billion scandals at NYS, Eurobond, and latest, the Health ministry are just but a tip of a gargantuan iceberg. Our deputy president, who has made it his businesses to comment on every move made by CORD, is unusually mute any time a mega scandal is unearthed! Am I the only one who would want to hear his stand on the runaway corruption in the country?

Whichever way you look at it, Jubilee has completely lost the moral authority to lead the country. The saddest part of the story is that majority of Kenyans, especially from Jubilee strongholds, either choose to bury their heads in the sand or they have been subdued by the rate at which our economy is haemorrhaging, thanks to Jubilee’s thieving cartels.

It is now normal to hear dizzying amounts of money, being casually said to have been lost to rapacious cartels, through shady deals in various gov’t institutions. Each scandal in Jubilee runs to the tune of billions.
When you hear people talking about 5 billion lost in a ministry as sensitive as that of health, as if this is some loose pocket change, you don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Never mind that this is happening at a time when cancer patients are camping in Kenyatta National Hospital for days on end, sleeping on the hard cold concrete slabs of hospital corridors, waiting to use the only cancer facility in the country!

It is chilling to think that Kenyans are paying taxes through the nose, right into the pockets of corrupt individuals within the system, as they continue hoping against hopes that they will one day get value for their money. Is there any reason why hardworking Kenyans should continue paying their hard-earned taxes to a rotten system?

Hii Ni system ya majambazi. All right-thinking Kenyans have every reason to be very angry with the system. The most urgent mission for all patriotic Kenyans now should be, to Kick Jubilee out of power and replace it with a gov’t that will ensure all the big thieves are locked up in Kamiti, and the keys dropped in the deep end of Indian Ocean.

Jubilee apologists should stop this nonsense that we don’t have a viable replacement for Jubilee. CORD has a full in-tray when it takes over next year and its task is clearly cut out.

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