Why The Current IEBC MUST Go

No need for niceties or any attempt to sugarcoat the truth. Truth be told, the current IEBC, under the chairmanship of Issak Hassan, should have gone home sooner than yesterday.
The fact that the much hyped electronic voting system that cost Kenyans an arm and a leg spectacularly failed in the 2013 general elections was enough reason for IEBC to fold up and go home.
Claims that the IEBC used the same server with Uhuru Kenyatta’s TNA, after which a clear runoff was avoided by questionable 8k votes, was more than enough reason for all the commissioners, plus the chairman to resign immediately after. This is what happens in mature democracies.
But being in Kenya where one would ‘rather die than resign” as Kimunya famously once declared, the IEBC has arrogantly overstayed its welcome, even after their British comrades in the Chickengate scandal were thrown into jail!
Given that the Jubilee gov’t was the greatest beneficiary of the bungled 2013 elections, we don’t expect them to see any wrong in IEBC.
Now look who is lecturing people about following the law! We all know that Uhuru Kenyatta has been stopped by the courts severally, right on his tracks, after trying to sneak in amendments to the constitution, aimed at giving the presidency more powers through the back-door!
Unlike protests and picketing, his is known as attempts to mutilate the Constitution. His CS of interior keeps giving orders that put his understanding of the Kenyan supreme law into question.
His gov’t has been undermining devolution since day one by fighting the governors using the legislature and refusing to disburse county funds. Jubilee has been blatantly borrowing huge sums of money and keeping it in the wrong places; their pockets and bank accounts! Tell me a single law that Jubilee observes rightly. Just one!
The same route we used to get rid of EACC’s Matemu and his team can be used to get rid if Issaak Hassan and his team. For IEBC, there is no doubt that their credibility matters more than their constitutional right to remain in office. This is for the sake of all of us. We don’t need ICC to come calling again because of a botched election.
The fact that IEBC talks the same language as JUBILEE is enough reason to doubt the electoral body’s impartiality as a fair referee. Days before IEBC declared Okoa Kenya a flop by saying that half of the 1.6 M signatures were fake, Jubilee’s Aden Duale and Johnson Sakaja had said the same thing in a press conference. That made it very clear where IEBC’s instructions came from. Whether true or not, the perception is irreversible.
The Okoa Kenya initiative had a raft of proposals that could make IEBC beyond reproach, just like Ceasar’s wife. Now that they threw it away, for fear of being reconstituted, IEBC MUST GO HOME because their employer, the Kenyan people have said so. Note that the word “PLEASE” doesn’t apply here. They have no option. Kenya is bigger than a couple of individual sitting in anniversary Towers.

2 thoughts on “Why The Current IEBC MUST Go

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  1. IEBC should have gone as we talk, raila should be our president but due to iebc’s corrupt mission uhuru was announced as a president of which it was very unfair


    1. You are absolutely right Joel. There is need for fair play in elections for the sake our Country’s stability. Let whoever wins do so beyond reasonable doubt. That is when legitimacy can be earned. We have a big legitimacy Question at the moment.


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