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Interior cabinet secretary, retired general Joseph Nkaissery has said that the public is to blame for the increased corruption cases amongst police officers!

I find this kind of reasoning not only warped, but ridiculously funny too. It seems when you are a general used to giving orders most of your life, then you become an mpig, and later a CS; you lose touch with the reality facing the common person daily.

In the recent past, we have also seen suspicious opinion polls which seem to suggest that all Kenyans are to blame for the rampant corruption in gov’t and in the country as a whole! Nothing could be as ludicrous and further from the truth than this make-believe fallacy. We all know that the common folks are pushed to a tight corner where they are coerced into bribing an irredeemably corrupt and seriously underpaid (hungry) police force, in order to avoid the hell that kenyan prisons are known to be.

What is even funnier is that, this gov’t has perfected the art of blaming the citizens for its inadequacies. Sometime back, the highest office in the land told us that we were in charge of our security! We then heard the president announce, from the land where Jesus was crucified betwen two thieves, that all Kenyans are good at stealing an badmouthing each other! The new narrative that everyone is corrupt is complete hogwash aimed at spreading the guilt of a blatantly gluttonous ruling elite, who steal a whopping one third of the country’s budget annually!

The other day, the cabinet approved a law aimed at cracking the whip on small time bribery! Why do you want to make laws to deal with the small time bribes when the big thieves who have crippled our economy are feted as heroes in their villages, every time they come back from their exotic holidays in the Bahamas or Hawaii? What have you done with the existing laws before thinking to enact some more?

The money the big fish have stashed in secret accounts abroad is enough to pay each policeman a befitting salary, so that they can stop surviving on bribes, as well as make each Kenyan live like a human being! The ruling hegemony in Kenya since we attained independence has seen to it that the larger majority of citizens are totally impoverished. The gargantuan gap between the rich and the poor is an appalling ignominy that calling it immoral will be a complete understatement.

Every day we are treated to a circus of big thieves either being questioned, live on TV, by parliament or making a grand entry into the clearing and forwarding Integrity House, that houses EACC; and that is the furthest it goes. If some people are arraigned in court, the cases will drag on for years. Take for instance the Goldenberg case. It has been going on for half of my life up to date, and I am over 30! The architects of the scam are well known and celebrated in society!

Meanwhile, the investigating agencies and committees keep earning their hefty salaries and per diems, at the expense of the overburdened taxpayer, while there is nothing to show for their investigating efforts! Who is fooling who? All these shows are meant to hoodwink the public and make it believe falsely that corruption is being fought.

Not even a single big thief, who is known to have stolen public millions has ever been jailed in Kenya since independence, and this is not a smiling matter. But we crush the heads of mobile phone thieves and those who steal chicken are met with the brutal and swift force, of either mob justice or the Kenyan prison.

The big thieves who make the masses lack proper healthcare, properly paved roads and education facilities are heroes who are admired for their ingenuity in “making money!” they use the stolen money to rise into political power and keep perpetuating their thieving tendencies, knowing very well that the filthy prisons are meant for the poor man. They rest assured that when the poor will have nothing to eat and they show an intention of eating the rich, the prisons will be there to protect them and their ill-gotten wealth.

So when the good old general tells us that we are to blame for corrupting his men and women in blue, he should think again. Think about the hell that is the Kenyan prisons, in which no big fish will ever spend a single night. He will then start seeing the reason why common folks would rather give all their money to the police than go and pick a deadly disease from prison or, worse still, die in there.

The Jubilee gov’t looks as if it is very busy fighting corruption, but unfortunately it is behaving like a broken record so busy singing, but only repeating the same tune! “We will fight corruption! We will fight corruption! we will fight corruption!…… ” the song goes on. But we all know that lip service can never fight mega corruption. It takes real balls. It takes a leader brave enough to sacrifice political mileage to throw the big thieves into prison.

Deal with the big thieves first, then we will know that you are serious about fighting corruption. Keep a few of them in Kamiti maximum prison and send the rest to Shimo la Tewa prisons. Stop this idiocy of spreading the blame across the Kenyan populace. If not so, we need not to remind you that 2017 is not very far.

But in spite of all the thievery and hypocrisy exhibited by the ruling elite, which apparently swims in opulence, as the common folks hardly afford three square meals a day; all Kenyans of goodwill still believe that, one day one time, we will take our country back from the jaws of a ravenous ruling elite that is already feasting on our children’s future. Mark my words; we BELIEVE and that day is coming soon.


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