Kidogo kidogo, watoto wametenga A’s kwa mtihani wa WhatsApp K.C.S.E . What next?
The other day results of the widely leaked KCSE exams of 2015 were released amid a tyranny of apologies from the new and industrious education minister Daktari Fred Matiang’i (others call him Kenya’s Magufuli) Reason for his apologies? The exams were literally stolen.
The exams were a sham, with complete papers being circulated on social and mainstream media before they were done, making the whole process to aptly earn the moniker “WhatsApp Exams”
See why the celebrations were so empty? See why I am so mean with my congratulations to anybody who sat for KCSE last year?
I know this is a bit unfair to hardworking children who sweated it out to score clean A’s but how do you know who “stole” and who didn’t?
What is really unfair is, cancelling some 5,000 students’ results claiming that they cheated in the exams! This is the true definition of a paradox. What makes the difference between a thief who is caught and one who is not? We all know 5,000 is a drop in the ocean compared to the total number of those who cheated.
If we were serious about cancelling exams because of cheating, then the entire last year’s KCSE exams should have been cancelled ASAP. Punishing a few among many thieves is not a solution.
What we are teaching those who stole the exams and got away with it is that, it is ok to steal so long as you don’t get caught! That the end justifies corrupt means!
We have already compromised the integrity of our future leaders and here we are sheepishly smiling and wondering why we are among the top 3 most corrupt countries in the world!
Let us accept it. We have already set the stage for more future Goldenberg, Anglo-leasing, Chickengate and NYS scandals. Trust me, if you steal exams and get away with it when young, there is no land you can’t grab (even if it belongs to statehouse), there is no public money you can’t squander, there is no election you can’t rig, when you find yourself in power as an adult.
Last year’s blatantly compromised KCSE examination is a confirmation that, tayari tumetenga wezi wetu wa kesho.

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