President Uhuru addressing Kenyans in Israel.


In recent times, President Uhuru Kenyatta has been making statements that have left many Kenyans’ mouths agape. It started with the rigged elections of our good neighbors the Ugandans. In a quickly drafted congratulatory message, Uhuru Kenyatta alongside Nkurunziza of Burundi, was among the first people to congratulate Dictator Museveni for choosing himself and openly forcing his way back into power. The president claimed to do this on behalf of Kenyans!

Save for the irredeemably sycophantic hangers-on around the president, majority of Kenyans were infuriated by the president’s insinuation that they were in support of Museveni’s openly stolen victory! Thousands of them took to social media to apologize to Ugandans, telling them that the president’s congratulatory message was personal and made on behalf of his family. The president’s official social media pages were literally set ablaze, with many expressing their disgust at the implications of the unnecessarily hurried congratulations to Museveni. many wondered why it took Kenya’s statehouse more than four days to congratulate Tanzania’s newly elected president, Dr. John Pombe Magufuli, in what was widely seen as a fairly democratic election!

Kenyans expressed solidarity with their Ugandan brothers and sisters, in mourning the death of their country’s democracy; brutally murdered and sacrificed at the alter of Museveni’s embarrasing appetite for power. Museveni’s high handedness before, during and after the sham elections were were castigated in the strongest terms possible. Clearly majority of Kenyans did not want to be associated with their president’s congratulatory message to Uganda’s dictator in a suit.

A few days ago, while on an official trip to Israel, Uhuru kenyatta was at it again. This time round he called all Kenyans lazy tribal thieves whose best pastime is abusing each other! Now we know that this is a fat white lie. Most Kenyans are God-fearing and law abiding citizens, who struggle to eke a living through genuine hard work and sweat. By casually saying that we in Kenya are good at stealing, he trivialized a very serious issue of concern to many law abiding citizens of Kenya; the fight against corruption. He literally sounded apologetic of the ills that he casually mentioned.

Instead of telling the world the truth that he is currently presiding over a government full of the worst thieves that Kenya has ever known, since independence, in the name of JUBILEE; he had the audacity to stand in the land where Jesus Christ was crucified between two thieves and proclaimed that we Kenyans are all thieves! Some of us genuine followers of Christ in Kenya flinched at the president’s remark, which insinuated that we are followers of the two thieves and not Christ. The two thieves must have stirred in their graves, with laughter, for such ingenuity in telling a lie with a straight face.

No Mr. president, we are not all thieves. A few thieves have made Kenya rank high in the world corruption index. Number three in the whole world! Just get hold of all the thieves in your gov’t, by their tails, and drop them in Kamiti, lock it up, and throw the keys in the Indian ocean. They are known. They are currently cannibalizing each other publicly after what they did in darkness came out in daylight. Indeed, as we all know, there is no honor among thieves. Clear the mess in your government sir. Meanwhile, an apology to law abiding citizens of Kenya would be in order.




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