We are approaching a day you hear people say that, “Love is in the air!” I need somebody to answer me this question as if I am a 4 year old. Does love go on recess from being where it is supposed to be; in the air?
I find the hype that surrounds Valentine’s Day both hilarious and suspicious. For one, there is no way love, as complicated as it is, can be made to revolve around a single day. Secondly, “the day of love” becomes an excuse for bigger sins that follow. It should actually be renamed Promiscuity Day. However, we have to agree that true lovers, who have attained legal age, love 24/7.
You must first define true love before you delve into matters that deal with love. For instance, love is being able to wake up next to a partner who hasn’t brushed their teeth and still manage to hug and kiss them.
Love is about staying with this guy who, apart from snoring like a tractor at night, also owns a gargantuan forehead that makes him look like a charging rhino, and you still manage a genuine smile and say, “baby I love you” when you know well that, his can never qualify to be a baby forehead.
True love is looking at your partner, whose nose looks like a bicycle seat, and convincing yourself that you have never seen such a beautiful nose! It is about accepting all the bad things and inadequacies that you never knew about your partner when you were dating. It is being able to quarrel with decorum and scream at each other at the top of your voices, but when a visitor walks in, you both manage a smile and say ‘welcome’ as if nothing just happened. In short let’s say, it is complicated.
Forget about the candle lit dinner and flowing red dresses, or tight red micro mini skirts with red high heels, punctuated with raised glasses full of champagne/wine, and people putting their best plastic smiles forward. That is the kind of love which happens in movies or for public display.
I suspect that shrewd business people furiously market this day in order to make a killing from all the purchases that have to be made in the name of love. It leaves coerced men lamenting and cursing for days due to unpaid bills! They end up misbehaving in the subsequent days since they were strained on “that black Sunday.”
I know of some guys who are biting their nails after using all their money to bet in SportPesa , in the hope that they will land a jackpot and give their missus a real treat on Valentine’s Day. They will be betting their last 100 bob today, while crossing their fingers that a miracle might happen. However, the only miracle that will happen is, they will be dumped tomorrow after going underground the whole day to avoid their girlfriends, because they will be penniless. Why punish young guys like this by creating an unnecessary lovers’ day?
I don’t know about you, but for me, everyday is Valentine’s Day.
I have always viewed this day as a weak lover’s day. They use it to make amends of all the love inadequacies they exhibit in all the other days . “Baby remember, Baby remember….(repeated because they are drunk)…. what we did on our Valentino night?” you will hear them ask when they come home at 5.00 a.m. In the morning, with piss all over their clothes!
With all due respect for love and all that goes with it, it is high time we started asking some pertinent questions. Sorry to the starry eyed teen lovers who are excited to celebrate their first “Lovers’ Day” . One of the most pregnant questions is: aren’t we making fun of love if we make it a one day stop affair?

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