Voting day

It is less than 2 years to the next general election in Kenya and the time of political prostitution and nomad-ism is here once again. The season comes with a windfall of “eating” opportunities for political whores. If we as Kenyans think that our politics will change from top-down, then we are simply suffering from serious delusions.

The time to sanitize our politics is now, and it is only us voters who can perform the cleaning act. Political change works better from bottom-up. We should start by rejecting, in totality, politicians who change political allegiance mid-term and start pushing the agenda of a different party from that which sponsored them to parliament or county leadership, without a plausible explanation to the electorate.

These people behave like pilots who change course mid-air without any reasonable explanation. Such pilots can only end up landing you in wrong destinations, if they don’t perform the Malaysian flight 370 disappearing act with you aboard.
There is no bigger betrayal of the electorate than this. These political merchants who specialize in stomach politics, and would easily exchange their souls for money, think that they can easily auction their entire communities to the highest bidder.

Fortunately, Kenyans know better now. Politicians who have been leading opportunistic delegations to the rural homes of some senior politicians, on goat-eating sprees and solicitation of brown envelopes may be forced to vomit the goat meat come 2017. Having abandoned their political parties agenda, these “tumbocrats” clearly represent their own stomachs and they might already be facing intense political rejection back home.

There is one cheap lie that such selfish politicians have been using to defend themselves, especially those who have crossed over from opposition to gov’t side: That they are looking for development from gov’t, for their people! One might ask; has the government zoned parts of the country that are supposed to get development projects according to the support they give it?
This is a fat white lie since with devolution, each region of the country is entitled to its share of development funds, as enshrined in our constitution. The times of pandering to the gov’t of the day,in exchange of development, are long gone.

Perhaps the fattest lie of all is when the president would like you to think that by choosing a CS or a PS from your community, he is doing a big favor to the people of that community! I have always wondered how this benefits the particular community! The KANU regime perfected this and JUBILEE is bringing it back. A cabinet or principal Secretary appointment will only benefit the CS or PS’s immediate family. Any qualified Kenyan can be a CS or PS. It is no political favor, unless they are supposed to distribute government jobs to their kinsmen.

We should stop this pessimistic cliché that, “That is the nature of Kenyan politics!” No. It is not the nature of Kenyan politics. It is the nature of voters who never learn from past mistakes. It is a habit which can be changed. It is not a natural geographical feature like an ocean, which cannot be moved. The time of sanitizing our politics is now.
If we reject all political prostitutes in 2017, we will have sent a strong signal that we will not condone any politicians who are only interested in hawking the political goodwill that the voters gave them.


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  1. I like your view of things. But what do you do when faced with a choice between two thieves? D you go for the “lesser” thief? How will you know the lesser thief when all of them act and talk like Angels just to get your vote? I think the electorate has been imprisoned in cages of steel that they have very little choice if at all. A complete change of politics and the crop of current politicians is what we need. How? I am not sure. we need a debate on how not who.


    1. I totally agree with you Steve. Sometimes it is hard to decide which is the lesser evil, when confronted with two evil alternatives. That is time you hear people say, “Better the devil you know than the angel you don’t know.” But reaching such a conclusion is a sign of surrender and despair; a route that we shouldn’t take.
      As voters, we must first be realistic enough to accept that our politics have morphed into a titanic battle between CORD and JUBILEE brigades. Even though the two sides are amorphous,they represent something akin to the GOP and the Democrats in America. You realize that when you have two very strong political giants with fanatical following, nurturing a third force,formidable enough to dislodge the two within a short time, becomes extremely difficult. The only option voters are left with, as we shop for a third force, is to send a strong signal that they have the power to overhaul regimes.

      The government of the day can never have an excuse to be incompetent just because the opposition is not any better. If people overwhelmingly vote the current government out, the incoming government will tread carefully, even if it is made of the “other evil”, lest it suffers the same fate.


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