Preacher, televangelist, author and the senior pastor of Deliverance Church LCCI Bishop Mark Kariuki lead religious leaders in declaring war on corruption.

The Evangelical Churches of Kenya conglomerate has finally declared war on official corruption.
With the image of the Kenyan church, and clergy in general, having taken a bad battering in recent times, the initiative couldn’t have come at a better time. However, only time will tell whether they will sustain the impetus with which they announced the news.

The church has recently been in the news for all wrong reasons. If we have not heard of a self-styled, wealthy tele-evangelist killing other motorists, due to drunk driving, then trying to use his influence to cover his folly; We must have heard of con pastors using chemical indicators (Especially Potassium Permanganate) to perform miracles at an exorbitant fee, Kanyari-style.

Not even our Muslim brothers and sisters have been spared by the deterioration of morality in places of worship. We have repeatedly heard of Imams who radicalize young people in mosques, by training them how to hate and kill, instead of teaching them how to love! Isn’t God all about love?

We keep on seeing more and more single mothers because of “men of God” who have abdicated their fatherhood responsibilities. It is dumbfounding that some of these men are actually men of the cloth!

We keep seeing children who are being raised by their “mpango wa Kando” or “side dish” as the concubines are popularly known, while they are denied fatherly love. No child is supposed to be a side project, for crying out loud. Children are the main project in any family.

The Kenyan clergy has severally been accused of taking a backseat while the flock that they are supposed to protect is being fleeced dry, by a ravenous political class and con pastors.
Nobody can explain why but it might be the notion of turning the proverbial “other cheek” taken too far, or lack of moral authority since most of them might be partakers of the sweet, forbidden fruit of corruption.

We have also recently become a nation that tries to hide behind “prayers” in situations that need practical solutions. We have seen prominent leaders trying to run away from justice, in the name of PRAYER RALLIES!
If you ask most pastors and fellow Christians what they are doing to combat the outright theft in gov’t, they will tell you they are praying about it!

“Brother, sister, yours is not to indulge in politics. All you need to do is pray for the greedy politicians so that God can change their thieving ways,” They will meekly advise. How many times have you heard that?

When a brother or sister tells you he/she will pray for you over a personal challenge which needs urgent action, don’t celebrate. Just know that you are being lied to. It is always a polite language of telling you “look here man. Sort out your shit. I have more than enough of that damn stuff right here to deal with!”

The church cannot claim to be praying over corruption when this is something that needs practical steps and solutions, besides spiritual intervention. It is like praying for a bumper harvest when you have actually planted nothing! God hates that.

When Jesus once found out that some fellows had turned His church into a marketplace where corrupt deals were the order of the day, he did not pray about it. He rolled up his sleeves and gave the fellows a thorough beating. He literally whipped hell out of them!

During His time, they had a very effective way of dealing with thieves. They simply crucified them! Know what that means? They flogged you in public then pinned you on a wooden cross, like a rodent specimen on a dissection kit, using 10 inch nails!
This was done in broad daylight for all to see. (Ndio iwe funzo kwa wengine). That is how Jesus ended up between two thieves on the cross.

In China they parade them before a firing squad, in a public arena, and send them to hell under a hail of bullets. Because thieves are unfit to live in among honest and hardworking people.

So why are we treating our big thieves with baby gloves while we mercilessly crush the heads of those who steal chicken and phones?

Why would anybody mess around with colossal amounts of public money, such as witnessed in the NYS scandal, and now Eurobond is cooking, then go unpunished?

Our biggest thieves are roaming free and swimming in luxury when they are supposed to be in jail! I wonder whether our leaders learnt anything during the recent visit of the catholic pontiff.

The current pope exemplifies the mettle of a real leader. A real leader is like a loving parent, and the people he/she leads are like his/her children. No loving parent takes huge chunks of the juiciest food and throws crumbs to the children!

Oozing with pure humility, the pontiff’s kind smile, which seems permanently plastered on his face, can disarm even the meanest of hard core criminals. It is so genuine and emanates from deep within. If you can’t see it, then you can feel it.

This is a man, if given an opportunity to shake his hand, I would love to shake the hand of his humility too. It is so real and always there with him! Never leaves his side.

If the frenzy that surrounded the pope’s grand entry into the country is anything to go by, then I can safely say that the catholic church has a unique chance and the wherewithal to champion the fight against graft and blatant thievery in gov’t. Unfortunately it has been astonishingly mum! It has lost its big voice.

While the church’s humble and witty numero Uno was spot-on about the ravenous corruption that has characterized the Jubilee regime since it came into power, his direct representatives here; especially the cardinal, have been lackluster if not apologetic when addressing the excesses of the powers that be.

Might we still be wondering why El Papa Francisco commands a fanatical following and deep reverence across the world?
Isn’t it obvious that he is the embodiment of servant leadership?
Doesn’t his modus operandi earn him the full rights to pontificate over the rest of us weaker mortals who go gaga whenever they access the trappings of power?

The fact that he doesn’t cruise around in the biggest fuel guzzling monsters and doesn’t even indulge in the worldly creature comforts, which he can easily afford; in itself, is a clear knockout against some of our rich Televangelist, who never hesitate to publicly parade their obscenely opulent lifestyles.

Just like the paragon of morality he is, his lifestyle has placed him at a higher pedestal from where he can afford to give us all a rap about morality. He can authoritatively pontificate over us without any fear of contradiction because he has earned that right.
He knows that besides praying for ills that bedevil society, he has to openly speak against them.

However, for those who pray earnestly, don’t stop praying for our leaders. But while at it, it would serve our interests better if we start accompanying our prayers with bold steps.

Some things don’t just disappear. Corruption is one of those things. Expecting it to just disappear without any action, is like refusing to get out of bed and go to work, then expecting poverty to disappear from your family, because you are prayerful. God abhors lazy people.

How about starting with kicking out corrupt leaders out of powerful offices; especially those at the top? This we can do without minding that they come from “our” tribe.
We put them in those offices. We can remove them too! Stop assuming that this is somebody else’s responsibility. It is our collective responsibility.

If we can’t push them out, let us at least speak against their blatant corruption. Let each one of us make enough noise. Our collective noise will be so deafening and might eventually put some fear of God in the leaders.
However, if we are secretly admiring and envying the “rare” chance that leaders have to steal, then fighting corruption is a totally lost cause.

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