WAS RUTO RUTO REALLY FIXED OR HE WAS SIMPLY SOLD OUT BY A WILLING RIVAL GOVERNMENT SIDE OF THE GRAND COALITION? This is a question that has brewed a huge political storm that must be having William Samoei Ruto folding his hands on his chest, then silently smiling and wondering how influential a figure he has become in Kenyan politics that every political tongue is wagging about him.Nobody, except Moses Kuria, is ready to accept that he fixed Ruto and face the wrath of the Kalenjin Nation.

Moses Kuria, a well known loose cannon, is now openly confessing to all and sundry that he coached witnesses to give false evidence against Ruto in the ICC case that stubbornly refuses to go away!Indeed God answers prayers made in political prayer rallies. Otherwise how can one explain the sudden change of heart of a hardened tribal bigot like Moses Kuria?  He is now a completely changed man and he is even ready to give himself up in exchange for the ” innocent” deputy president whom he squarely fixed; but remember that was before he saw the light recently and repented his sins.
The ICC must be a very patient court. It should have ordered for Moses Kuria’s arrest like yesterday, for misleading the a court of its stature, so that he can shed more light on the shady deals he conducted after the 2007/08 Post Election Violence. Perhaps we can then know the bosses that he really worked for.

What seems more infuriating is not even the way in which he broke the news, sensationally dragging the name of Jubilee’s chief scapegoat Raila Odinga and his newfound opposition comrade Martha Karua, into his witness-coaching saga. What really nauseates is the fact that he seems to wear the tag of witness coach like some gold medal and loves the media attention it attracts to bits. He suddenly feels like a teenage boy who sets up a girl he has been eyeing for a while into trouble, then shows up to save the day at the most opportune time, of course  hoping that the girl will see the hero in him and instantly fall in love!

Kuria is the only MP who can be likened to a GMO. He is the only MP in the current parliament to have clinched a parliamentary seat without being elected or nominated; a clear indication that he was manufactured by powerful forces within the current gov’t, for sinister reasons. His relationship with these forces obviously, either dates back to the Kibaki regime and they were returning a favor, or there is a new force trying to use him in what has been a fashionable trend of recanting evidence given to the ICC earlier on ; in which case he becomes a double agent.

This man should do us all a favor by telling us who was behind his dramatic romp to parliament. Some Kenyans have not forgotten that the DP pitched camp in Gatundu to personally campaign for him, in an election that never was.

Does somebody want us to believe that the deputy president doesn’t know the people who fixed him? That he is really shocked that a man he vigorously campaigned for recently is one of the chief witness coaches who fixed him in a foreign court!

I remember the DP telling the Gatundu people that Jubilee really needed Moses Kuria. This was strange given that a man who shot into the limelight by spewing despicable tribal vitriol online, like Moses Kuria, could only add shit to the Jubilee table! Kuria’s latest campaign is obviously one of the highly concerted efforts aimed at rubbishing the ongoing ICC cases against Ruto and Sang as a political witch-hunt, at the same time scoring politically against the main opposition CORD.

The grand scheme might now be coming out in the open. Moses Kuria’s role and mission is to do the hatchet jobs of Jubilee. One of them might be shifting the blame of those who gave damning evidence against Ruto from NIS and key PNU figures, to those currently in opposition, especially Raila Amolo Odinga.

There was no fixing for Ruto’s case. Let’s be clear here. When a national spy agency gives evidence against you, whether cooked or real, it is usually thorough, solid and watertight. In this case, the correct word to use here is roasting, not fixing. I am not one of those people who would want our deputy president to be whisked to a faraway cold foreign jail, but I always love to be realistic. Ruto knows how lethal the kind of evidence leveled against him is. Otherwise we wouldn’t be seeing all these theatrics called “prayer rallies” and the crying foul that he has been abandoned by his boss, Uhuru kenyatta.

We all know who was in charge of the instruments of power and the spy agency when evidence on the PEV was being collected. This has been a source of serious trouble within the ruling Jubilee coalition, since it came to power. Some of those powerful figures were carried forward from the Kibaki regime to the Jubilee government, and this attracted lots of noise from URP MPs led by Alfred Keter. Most of these PNU power-brokers have since been sent packing.

By putting the tag of “Ruto Fixers” on those presently in opposition, the Jubilee mandarins urging Kuria and other charlatans on, hope to kill two birds with one stone.

One. Keep the troubled “Tyranny of numbers” intact by shifting blame of an issue that threatens to tear it apart before 2017. Remember the latest prayer rallies were a URP affair until the TNA MPs realised how dangerous that could be to the unity of the Jubilee coalition and Uhuru’s chances of clinching a second term in 2017.

Two. Vilify the opposition completely in the R. Valley and stop it from making any in-roads into the tyranny of numbers turf, once and for all, before 2017. Trust me, at the moment, if URP asks TNA to jump, the only question TNA will ask is, ” How high?” The URP side knows that it will determine whether Uhuru will be a two-term president or the first one-term president in kenya since independence. Hence they have their TNA counterparts at ransom.

However, this is bound to change drastically if Uhuru secures his second term. You can take this to the bank and take a loan on it. The TNA power-brokers must be secretly seething with anger at the way URP is currently holding them by the balls and manipulating them at will. TNA has only one option at the moment: dance to the URP tune or risk Uhuru’s second term. They can only be able to revenge after Uhuru wins in 2017.

At the center of all these accusations and counter-accusations is an attractive bride called the vote-rich Rift-Valley. The prospect of losing this adorable bride before 2017 scares the hell out of Uhuru Kenyatta’s political strategists. This is why all TNA MPs joined the “prayer rallies” en masse, without waiting to be invited, even though it was a purely  Kalenjin affair at first.

Since then, tongues have been wagging without any break or care in the world about how the “Innocent” William Ruto was fixed by Raila and Martha karua. We have also now seen, for the first time, the AU coming to Ruto’s defense and the foreign affairs sectretary, Amina Mohamed, trying to argue Ruto’s case at the UN.However, everyone knows that the court will give the final verdict.

The only person who fixed Ruto in Jubilee, it seems, is Moses Kuria. Jubilee can afford to sacrifice this GMO for the sake of the unity of the ruling coalition, before 2017, but not without taking Raila down in the process.

Kenyans are now being treated to a daily theater of the absurd featuring foul-mouthed politicians. When characters like Kuria set the whole country’s discussion agenda for weeks, then we should seriously interrogate what might be wrong with our country.
But it gets even funnier when highly-placed leaders promptly answer them back. They effectively bring themselves down to a level of mediocrity where the charlatans will beat them-hands down-through experience.

If I can borrow from Phillip Ochieng, on the state of affairs in Kenya,it seems that,

“Every year that passes, from the kindergarten through the primary and the secondary to the tertiary, what our institutions of alleged moral and intellectual upbringing actually bring out is a deadly deal of moral dung and intellectual Quasimodos.”

Any right-thinking Kenyan’s first instinct might be to quickly disagree with Ochieng’s sentiments. But the moment you tune into news, and watch or listen to our political class speak and do a jig, you suddenly realize how spot-on Ochieng’s description is.

The quantity of the moral dung and intellectual quasimodos in our politicalclass, especially in the Jubilee gov’t, can only be described as mind-boggling. Here we are, stuck with a gov’t which believes that all its weaknesses can be taken care of by either blaming it on Raila, or employing a litany of PR stunts. I hear they have now employed #36Bloggers to deal with the famous Kenyans On Twitter aka #KOT, who have a penchant for “badmouthing” this hardworking gov’t! Let me laugh first. We are eagerly waiting for that gang of government bloggers.

Are our leaders not supposed to be the crème de la crème of our society? If they are, then I dread imagining what might be found below that cream.

Take for instance this raging debate on who fixed Ruto at ICC. Suddenly, highly learned fellows Kipchumba Murkomen and Kithure Kindiki have morphed into unapologetic Sycophants who are jostling to outdo each other in defense of the DP, in political rallies! we are talking about guys who will be ready, any time, to convince us otherwise if their boss farted loudly in public. They will tell us something like, “That was mid-day thunder, not a blast of a fart.”

I am not a judge and so I can’t really tell whether the DP is guilty as charged or not. However, as an individual, he knows the truth.

Just to be blunt and direct on this, if Jubilee is banking on Moses Kuria to deliver on anything as delicate as the ICC saga, then they have totally lost the plot. Shifting the blame on who fried Ruto at ICC ( remember he was fried not fixed), from the PNU state organs (which Uhuru inherited) to the opposition, needs very brilliant minds who can do it in a more subtle and clever manner. Not loud clowns like Kuria who know not where to put boundaries!

When Jubilee banks its hope on the likes Moses Kuria and “baba yao” to save the day, then you realize that they ran out of ideas ages ago and they are now simply clutching on straws to save a ruling coalition that is headed straight to a narrow cul-de-sac.

Only Lilliputian minds can depend on a man with a questionable character and history like Moses Kuria to deliver on important missions like keeping a political marriage of convenience, that has hit the rocks, together. I can bet on this; his claims will end up doing more harm than good to the ailing coalition because only sick minds can buy such cheap plots like the one Kuria and other sycophants are peddling at the moment.

Picture this scenario. Raila was the ODM general and Ruto was one of his main lieutenants. A general may dislike one of his chief lieutenants but can never be so foolish as to sacrifice him when there is a major battle at hand!

They were at war with PNU, and the war was far from over when the list in the Waki envelope was being prepared. Having formed a grand coalition, Raila needed all his key men to help in claiming the half a loaf that was to be allocated to ODM.
His hands were already full, dealing with the PNU gang that was not only hell-bent to lay the blame of the PEV squarely at the doorstep of ODM, but also usurp the power of the newly created office of prime minister. If indeed Raila sold William Ruto to ICC, then he wouldn’t have spiritedly rooted for a local tribunal or vehemently opposed the Hague option.

Where would he even find the time to turn his gun on his own people when he had enough adversaries to deal with in PNU?

If they talk about Martha Karua, it might hold some water because she was Kibaki’s main defender at KICC when election results were being cooked by the infamous Kivuitu team.
However, as a minister for Justice she had more important jobs, like negotiating for PNU at the high table, alongside the late Mutula Kilonzo,  and cutting deals of power sharing in the grand coalition, than coaching witnesses. Juniors like the chief spy, general Gichangi could see into little matters like the procurement of witnesses for the ICC case.

In fact it has been said that she was the only “man” in PNU by then and she single-handedly saved the situation at KICC for Kibaki. If she was in Jubilee today, trust me they wouldn’t be accusing her of anything, in their prayer rallies.

It is now obvious that Jubilee has always found a ready scapegoat in Raila, every time things go awfully wrong in their coalition, since they came into power. However, it is laughable when they use tainted people like Kuria to do the job.

Who is Moses Kuria? This is a guy who shot into the limelight after literally smearing social media with tribal and ethnic vitriol! His cases are still pending in court. What did Jubilee do in return? They camped in Gatundu South, ensured that Moses Kuria was hand-picked into parliament without any election taking place!

This was peculiar given the kind of reputation Kuria had built as a shameless tribal begot with an extremely loose mouth.Even after the DP personally campaigned for him, still TNA had to eliminate any competition, just to make sure that Kuria sailed into parliament unopposed!

The sense of urgency in the way this was done is still suspicious and yet to be explained to Kenyans. In her novel “Dust” Kenyan novelist Yvonne Owuor argues that, “Kenya’s official languages are: English, Kiswahili and silence, but there was also memory.” I can’t agree more with her since Kenyans’ memory seems to be shorter than the dwarfs of the Congo forest. Why is it that nobody is talking about Kuria’s meteoric rise to parliament?

What is more confusing is that, none other than the DP himself publicly implored the Gatundu people to vote for Kuria saying that Jubilee really needed him so that he could deal with the opposition! Who knows? Maybe he had offered to “spill some beans” on ICC later, the way he is now doing!

Is the reason why Moses Kuria was quickly lifted into parliament now unfolding before our very own eyes? He is obviously a red herring in the Ruto fixing saga that seems to run deep in the TNA side of Jubilee.

If he really coached witnesses who fixed Ruto, then what he has been doing is driving the last nail into the coffin of Jubilee coalition, by shouting about his little dirty secret in Political rallies. Something tells me that he might not be aware of the gravity of Ruto’s case at the ICC and the full scale of the damning evidence handed over to the court.

What if Ruto is found guilty and arrested? Will he still be shouting in rallies about having fixed him? Will he still be saluting sheepishly at “prayer rallies” in Rift Valley? He is definitely toying around with a dangerous ticking-time-bomb.

The reason why Uhuru’s case collapsed and that of Ruto keeps getting serious is because, the Kibaki regime was too eager to furnish ICC with all incriminating evidence against Ruto, Henry Kosgey and Sang who were in opposition by then, whilst destroying any evidence against Uhuru, Muthaura and Hussein Ali of PNU. At the same time, the gov’t simply refused to cooperate with the court’s investigations on the latter three.

Remember the court complained severally about the Kenyan gov’t’s refusal to cooperate with it.

Just like Karua says, every dog has its owner, and the Kalenjin people might soon really be interested to know who the owner of Kuria was during the witness coaching period. One thing I am sure about is, it is not be Raila. And Martha Karua? I can’t tell.


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