Kenya Prime Minister RT. HON. Raila Odinga Visits Kenya National House

No need for niceties. ‪#‎IPSOS‬ ‪#‎SYNOVATE‬ is simply pandering to the Jubilee gov’t in order to survive in business. Just look at the choice of their questions and the timing of their latest opinion poll.

Did they ask us what we think about the warped priorities of the confused Jubilee gov’t? NO.
Tomorrow, the teachers’ strike enters its third week. According to the noisy Jubilee brigade, saving Ruto from ICC is more important than discussing how our children will go back to school!
They are busy foaming at the mouths shouting at ICC, as if the verdict depends on how hard they shout in village rallies.

I am no worshipper of Raila Amollo Odinga but I can tell you for free that Kenya still needs this man. I have a feeling that some people want him to retire so badly that, given a chance, they can send him back to his maker prematurely.

They go out there and ask Jubilee supporters whether Raila Odinga should retire! Do you need to be a genius to guess the answer, even in your deepest slumber? They had to say YES of course! Why? Simple. Because Raila is the only guy who makes this gov’t sweat. He is a really bad pain in their asses.

By confirming what Raila said months ago, that NYS was being turned into another cash cow, what CS Ann Waiguru is telling Kenyans is that, they should learn to take Raila very seriously whenever he blows a whistle about mega-corruption scandals in gov’t. 800 million is not loose change!

History never lies. All the whistles on mega-scandals that this man has blown, never go wrong. Just Google, if you think I am lying. Unfortunately, the culprits always walk away scot-free. Uta-do?

Those who are saying that Raila should retire because he is seventy should know that Kenyans don’t eat age for dinner…….

Mugabe might be the oldest president on earth with white hair everywhere. I mean everywhere, (forget about the dye). People might have lost count of his years and his face might also have wrinkles like those of Methuselah. But those in his gov’t don’t squander public money with such abandon while hardworking citizens like teachers are contemptuously told that there is no money, like it is happening in Kenya.

When Kibaki sailed into state house, he was not only 71 years old, but he was on a wheelchair (almost completely incapacitated). Yet his gov’t performed far much better than the mediocre Jubilee gov’t.

President Uhuru’s best friend, Yoweri Museveni, is 71 years and yet Uhuru was his main guest when Museveni recently rubbished presidential term limits implying that he is intending to be president for life!

Raila is only 70 years. So why are people making noise that Raila should retire?

Truth be told, president Uhuru’s hands are tied in the fight against blatant corruption in his gov’t because the high priest of corruption is very close to the heart of power. If he dares shoot at the high priest, there is a big possibility that he might miss and hit the heart of power! No need to say what happens next.

‪#‎IPSOSSYNOVATE‬ also goes ahead to confirm a fact we have all always known; that the CORD supporters are poorer than JUBILEE supporters! Did that also need a professional research?
However, we all know that these “poverty stricken regions” have produced some of Kenya’s brightest minds.

The traditionally opposition regions in this country have been systematically impoverished by the skewed distribution of national resources and development projects by all the three past regimes of presidents Kenyatta senior, Moi and Kibaki, over the years.

Since independence, over half a century ago, this country’s top leadership has been dominated by the two most populous tribes: the Kalenjin and Kikuyus. With the skewed distribution of resources, is it any miracle that people outside central Kenya and Rift Valley are among the poorest Kenyans?

However, with devolution, such statistics are bound to change; though it might take time.
That is why Raila Odinga fought for and still defends devolution.
That is why we will never vote out devolution even with the 7m gates and 2m Facebook accounts.

We can only kick out those governors with embarrassing appetites for our money, but devolution stands. It is a game changer!
The rest of Kenya is watching. Still all the top gov’t jobs are shamelessly distributed among two communities and people want us to believe that Kenya is one! If Kenya is one, why should Kenyan presidents be either Kikuyu or Kalenjin, almost a century after Kenya’s independence?

If things go on this way; a time is coming, and it will be sooner that you may think, when people from other regions will say enough is enough and demand that the counties become independent states.

Just like Patrick Henry, there comes a time when well-meaning individuals say, “I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.”

The teachers should have been paid their dues by yesterday. No more negotiations. As for Raila’s retirement, go tell that to the birds. Kenya needs him now more than ever. You don’t like him? go drink all the water in the Indian ocean. Just drain it dry.
If you will still be walking, carry yourself to the nearest low tree and hang yourself.

Did you call him lord of poverty? If you mean that he represents the poor folks who are in no position to cut scandalous multimillion deals, then you are right.

If you mean that he represents a poor rural teacher who earns 16k a month ( an mp’s lunch), without the benefits of kickbacks or fat allowances, then you are damn right. Long live Raila Amollo Odinga


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